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Extend SAP Capabilities in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Are you currently leveraging essential SAP solutions like HANA and ERP? Through our partnership with Approyo, you can achieve more from your SAP applications through a migration to Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform that is specifically optimized for SAP workloads and certified to run your applications. Read more and check out our webinar about powering digital transformation with SAP on Azure.

Improved Cloud Performance


Increased Flexibility with Azure

High Availability

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Security and Compliance

SAP users benefit from improved workflows, extra-large instances for deployment, and faster go-to-market releases on Azure. The hyper-scalable nature of Azure provides a robust infrastructure that meets the performance demands of SAP applications, with a level of agility impossible to replicate on-prem. Spin up instances in just minutes with up to 24 TB of RAM scale-up and 60 TB scale-out for SAP HANA on Azure.

SAP on Azure secures data with built-in automated backup and data recovery services. The extensive global footprint of Azure provides high availability to ensure SAP workloads and critical data are always accessible. With up to 99.99% uptime, Azure offers the highest uptime of any cloud platform and certainly higher than on-prem infrastructures.

Migrating to utilize SAP on Azure opens up a whole new world with an extensive suite of features and native tools to supercharge SAP capabilities. Not just a handful of management tools—we’re talking over 100 Azure services for advanced analytics, AI, IoT, development, testing, and much more. Combining analytics capabilities with valuable SAP data leads to stronger business intelligence, with a holistic view of markets, transactions, and customers.

Microsoft’s advanced cloud tools strengthen the security of SAP workloads, such as Azure Security Center and Azure Active Directory. If your SAP data needs to comply with regional or industry-specific regulations, Azure offers more than 70 compliance certifications, more than other leading cloud platforms.

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Atmosera is an Azure Expert MSP

Azure Expert MSP recognition helps customers find partners like Atmosera to assess, migrate, build, deploy, optimize, or manage their Azure environment. Requirements must be met year after year in annual progress audits to retain the recognition and continuously remain proven Azure experts. Customers can be confident that the certified Azure Expert MSP is trusted by both Microsoft and independent auditors. Explore other assessment offers. 

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Atmosera Azure Expertise

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