Three-Tier Azure Management

Three-Tier Azure Management

Azure offers one of the most compelling cloud-based solution when it comes to scalability, performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. To successfully run in Azure requires careful planning and on-going management services.

Why Partner with Atmosera?

A company can choose to architect, deploy, and operate a cloud environment on their own. This approach requires in-house experts who can handle the complex issues related to architecting and deploying the environment so it performs as expected. It also requires 24x7x365 support and engineering expertise to operate the infrastructure, tools, and applications. Atmosera takes care of the architecture, deployment, and ongoing cloud services and all necessary capabilities to deliver a full infrastructure or platform solution capable of meeting the demands of a customer’s applications and data. This includes managing the compute resources, operating systems (OS), storage, networking and the suite of complex tools and tasks to ensure the proper operation of the cloud environment. Atmosera thoughtfully partners with the customer to ensure a successful outsourced solution governed by well-defined responsibility matrices and understood requirements. By leveraging Atmosera as a partner, our customers benefit from the ability to:

  • Improve business focus: Allowing Atmosera to assess, architect, and manage Azure allows you to focus on the core business needs while infrastructure and/or platform operations are expertly managed by skilled specialists 24x7x365.
  • Access world-class capabilities: Accelerate your organization’s access to leading technology, knowledge, tools, and processes by leveraging Atmosera, our partnership, and what we’ve built over the last 20+ years. We can help you modernize and leverage “at the forefront” technology for the benefit of you and your business.
  • Accelerate reengineering Benefit from our 20+ year investment in infrastructure and platform management and our experience in systems and processes.
  • Increase agility and speed: With Atmosera you get a partner that is enterprise at the core with an eye towards innovation to remain relevant to our diverse customer base and within the technology industry. You benefit from a partner that allows you to be more flexible, dynamic, and adaptable to market opportunities.
  • Refocus resources: Allowing Atmosera to manage infrastructure 24x7x365 allows you to shift your internal resources from non-core activities to activities with higher business value.
  • Reduce complexity and risk: With 20+ years of architecting, deploying, and managing IT infrastructure solutions for a wide variety of customer requirements, we’ve solved many problems. With Atmosera, you gain the expertise to handle complex infrastructure solutions and functions that are a challenge to manage. As a customer, you gain access to our entire knowledge base.
  • Shift from Capex to Opex: Moving to an Opex model more closely aligns expenditure to your customer demand and reduces or eliminates the need for large, stair-step capital purchases that may be out of line with customer demand.
  • Avoid expenditures: Working with Atmosera eliminates big upfront investment and reduces the need to invest capital funds in noncore business functions.
  • Reduce costs: Working with Atmosera allows you to take advantage of our lower cost structure and operational efficiencies that free funds within your organization for other projects. We spread the costs and investment in architecting, supporting, and managing IT infrastructure across hundreds of clients and this scalability and efficiency benefits each customer.
  • Access technology and skilled resources: Atmosera provides our customers an effective and practical alternative to building new capability in-house from the ground up.

Finding the Right Tier of Services

Atmosera’s portfolio offers customers choices for the oversight and management of compute, storage, networking, security, support, and engineering relative to a wide range of cloud-based IT solutions powered by Azure. The two extremes are self-managed and fully managed with co-managed offering a compromise or middle ground.

  • Self-Managed Customers need to be self-sufficient 24x7x365 to operate their compute, network and storage resources. Atmosera is only responsible for the infrastructure availability. The management of the OS, middleware and database is not included.
  • Co-Managed Customers have a choice as to the services they want to perform and which ones will be handled by Atmosera. This creates a split responsibility matrix which allows the customer to retain partial management of the Azure environment
  • Fully Managed Customers benefit from having Atmosera manage the IaaS and/or PaaS services through the OS layer and, optionally, to the middleware and database layers. This includes a team of support admins, certified experts, and management engineers available 24x7x365 to support and manage the Azure environment.

Available With All Microsoft Licensing Formats: EA & CSP

Atmosera provides these options via a customer’s existing Enterprise Agreement (EA) or via the Atmosera CSP licensing format.

Atmosera Three-Tier Azure Management: Standard Atmosera Three-Tier Azure Management Standard

Atmosera Three-Tier Azure Management: InfoSec and Compliance


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