The Cloud And DevOps: Like Peanut Butter And Jelly

Don Macvittie mentions Atmosera in an article about DevOps and Cloud, Ray Espinoza and CMO, John Trembley.
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The Cloud and DevOps: Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Cloud is practically designed for DevOps. No matter which cloud provider you are using, each has set up systems designed to spin up/spin down on demand, has the ability to run pretty much what you need and offer APIs/command lines to achieve your DevOps goals on the infrastructure side.

...There also is an entire market segment growing up of both consultants and VARs that will help an enterprise move to the cloud. Most of these companies focus on one vendor or another, but all share a desire to help make the shift to the cloud easier. By way of examples to get you started, consider Neoxia (in the EU) for GCE, Accenture (in North America) for AWS or Atmosera (in North America) for Azure. (Note: I have never used the cloud services of any of these companies; I’m merely offering you a sampling of what is available. Check your cloud providers’ partners page for more partners.)

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