Azure Networking Feature Addresses Latency, Performance

Trevor Jones mentions Atmosera in an article about Azure networking based on an interview with Scott Harvey, Vice President of Engineering at Atmosera.

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Azure networking feature addresses latency, performance

An Accelerated Networking upgrade to Microsoft Azure reduces latency and improves performance for newer VMs, as Microsoft tries to keep pace with AWS.

…Applications that will benefit the most from Azure Accelerated Networking are smaller, transactional workloads, but this new tool is not a cure all , said Scott Harvey, vice president of engineering at Atmosera, an Azure managed service provider in Beaverton, Ore. An instance with large packet transfers, for example, would see less latency with a virtual switch because it wouldn’t have to map additional hops required to break down large chunks of data to accommodate the capacity limits of a physical controller.

He’s also dubious of Microsoft’s claims that Accelerated Networking can unilaterally address performance issues related to these chip defects. “It certainly will have its benefits, but those would be there whether Spectre and Meltdown were in play or not,” Harvey said.

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