Automated Continuous Release Management In Azure

Research Analyst Tom Smith interview with Atmosera VP of Engineering, Scott Harvey and CMO, John Trembley.
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Automated Continuous Release Management in Azure

Thanks to John Trembley, CMO and Scott Harvey, Vice President of Engineering at Atmosera for sharing their new Release Management as a Service (RMaaS). The new DevOps platform automates the deployment of websites and applications in Azure Platform as a Service or PaaS environments. Customers include any companies, e-tailers, and web development agencies who want to improve time-to-revenue with a reliable, predictable, and repeatable delivery platform for their websites, e-commerce sites, portals and mobile web applications. The availability of the RMaaS supports an Azure-based low-touch solution incorporating change management for applications, SQL schema, and content. Customers benefit from a predictable and consistent experience with automated quality control that is especially useful when new features or versions are released frequently.

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