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As we discussed in our Security and the Cloud – Common Myths post (, Information Security (InfoSec) and the cloud require thoughtful planning and expertise. When approached correctly, security in the cloud is as effective as on-premise security and in many instances exceeds it. However, as we approach the cloud, we need to be extra thoughtful with regard to InfoSec.

Favor of On-Premise Over Cloud Dissipating

A 2015 Ponemon Institute Report – Cloud Security: Getting it Right – revealed that the biggest differences in IT professionals’ minds between on-premise security and cloud security were the abilities to:

  • Limit access to the IT infrastructure (54% on-prem favorable difference)
  • Enforce security policies (52% on-prem favorable difference)
  • Prevent or curtail system-level connections from insecure endpoints (48% on-prem favorable difference).

Atmosera understands the concerns, which is why we have strict security measures in place in Atmosera’s infrastructure, our policies, our people and our methodologies for deployments. We also provide advanced monitoring – for both IaaS and PaaS environments – to proactively address potential concerns. Our people also document all activity for future audits and accountability.

Cloud Momentum Continues to Build

After almost 10 years of movement to the cloud, a 2015 NTT study of IT professionals found: “…Nearly 90% of respondents… expect to migrate their most important application running on their corporate data center to a wholly cloud environment at some point in the future; 60% believe this will happen within two years.”

For those who are keeping applications in the corporate data center and away from the cloud, the NTT study found 66% of US respondents’ cited “security, governance and compliance” as reasons why.

Beyond security, 41% of the NTT respondents found “managing cloud vendors confusing and challenging, [and] the process of migration more trouble than it is worth (41%).” These challenges can be overcome through a relationship with a trusted managed service provider.

We’ve posted about the importance of trust before, in our Public Cloud + Data Breach post, ( and how Atmosera puts security in the forefront of everything we do. And it’s not just a point of view…

Building a Bridge to the Cloud

Atmosera has also developed a four-step methodology for onboarding customers as a result of our 20+ years as a managed service provider (before it was known by that name!) We take every Atmosera customer through our Assess | Migrate | Re-Platform | Operate methodology and workflow:

  • Assess: Customers can rely on our team to map their existing environment to a corresponding Azure cloud.
  • Migrate: We make it as seamless as possible to move from their existing environment to a public or private Azure cloud.
  • Re-platform: We truly understand how to safely transform applications to better take advantage of Azure capabilities.
  • Operate: Our team actively manages all maintenance and optimization to keep our customers’ environments running at its best.

Our methodology is further strengthened by our employees’ core competencies around 24x7x365 service combined with the intellectual property we’ve developed against Azure and tenure of experience we’ve gained on the platform – all aimed at allowing our customers to take full advantage of their investment in Azure.

Atmosera’s Azure services receive the “Azure Certified for Hybrid Cloud”designation; Microsoft’s rigorous validation process under their Cloud OS Network (COSN) program for “elite, worldwide” vendors.

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