Docker Foundation


Course Overview

Docker is a disruptive technology and changes how applications are perceived, architected, and deployed. This is a transformative technology that is the foundation of other emerging technologies, such as Microservices. This docker training course is hands-on and practical with the focus on deploying applications professionally in real-world containers. You will learn the building blocks of Docker and key container concepts, such as Docker volume, security, and basic networking.

You will become proficient with the Docker APIs with supporting lab exercises. You will experience Docker in these labs and gain the immediate capability to build and deploy Docker solutions.


Key Learning Areas


Course Outline

Docker Overview

  • What is Docker
  • Datacenter evolution (Monolithic to containers)
  • Container concepts
  • Docker platform

Interact with Docker Engine

  • Docker commands
  • Docker Hub
  • Run a container

Docker Monitoring

  • Native monitoring tools
    • Docker ps
    • Docker logs
    • Docker top
    • Docker stats
    • Docker inspect
  • 3rd party tools
    • Portainer
    • cAdvisor

Docker Images

  • Anatomy of a Docker image
  • Docker storage driver
  • Manually build a Docker image
  • Dockerfiles
  • Automate build of Docker image

Docker Networking

  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Container deployment methods
  • Service ports
  • Port mappings
  • Container linking
  • Traffic flow

Docker Volumes

  • Docker volume types
  • Docker volume use-cases
  • Docker storage drivers
  • Docker volume metadata

Docker Compose

  • Overview
  • Use-cases
  • Compose syntax
  • Compose CLI

Docker Swarm

  • Overview
  • Scheduler strategies
  • Deployment & configuration
  • Deploy Swarm service

Scaling Containers

  • What is “Web Scale”
  • Container scaling challenges
  • Kubernetes overview
  • Containers and CI/CD

Who Benefits

You will emerge with an understanding of the Docker technology stack and ecosystem at the end of this course. And leverage this information to create truly innovative solutions that are highly scalable and resource efficient. Create solutions that will distinguish your organization from competitors.

For DevOps practitioners, gain the knowledge to rearchitect the deployment pipeline with one or more Docker containers and requisite tools, such as Docker Swarm.



The audience for this class are developers, DevOps, architects and any other IT personnel interested in learning about containers and Docker.

This class does not require any prior experience with containers or Docker. Experience with Linux or Mac OS command-line tools is helpful but not required.

Want this course for your team?

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