Why SaaS Companies Must Leverage IaaS & SaaS To Save Money

Software as a service (SaaS) businesses are becoming more prominent as technology and business work hand-in-hand, but some difficulties also emerge. One of those difficulties is financing, as every business struggles to take care of expansion, expenses, and employee compensation. Read on to learn why SaaS companies must leverage infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and SaaS to save money.


One of the ways SaaS companies can save money by leveraging IaaS and SaaS is through scalability. Your business is constantly changing, going up and down every second of every day, and you need proper infrastructure to accommodate this. That infrastructure costs money, but when properly implementing IaaS, you scale things as they change, so changes in traffic never overwhelm your system, and you never pay for what you don’t use. With IaaS, you don’t need to constantly invest in servers that can handle large bandwidth surges for small events and extraneous circumstances. Instead, you’ll have a system that readily adapts, ensuring you’re never in the financial red zone.

Disaster Recovery

Another way leveraging IaaS and SaaS saves money for your company is that it makes disaster recovery easy. Traditional SaaS startups do not have the infrastructure required to simultaneously offer their software services and keep things secure in worst-case scenarios. Because of this, when systems overheat, power goes out, or the network drops, it severely impacts those relying on your software. Working with IaaS providers ensures that you stay prepared in instances like this and can save money in the long run. In addition, any minute your network is down, you are losing money rapidly and simultaneously hurting your business reputation, pushing clients and newer potential customers away; IaaS prevents this downtime.

Cost Itself

Another way that leveraging IaaS and SaaS saves money is through the simple principle of paying only for what you use. As mentioned, without these services, you and your company will need to make steep investments to keep everything running and adapting to changing demand. This model works, but it is cost intensive. What makes IaaS and SaaS so great is that you can opt to pay only for the services you use, ensuring you save costs at every corner and not paying for anything you don’t need.

SaaS companies must leverage IaaS & SaaS to save money and create future innovation pathways. These tools can provide businesses with new middleware and development tools that support their financial ecosystem. In addition to leveraging IaaS & SaaS, they should consider Azure infrastructure solutions. At Atmosera, we can architect, deploy, and operate infrastructure solutions for your specific needs and help you focus on more pressing business matters!

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