The Key Advantages of Azure Virtual Desktop

When a company finally makes the decision to start using a cloud service, they typically like to start small in order to get their feet wet. While that’s completely understandable, it usually means that they miss out on the ability to utilize a virtual desktop. While some people might think that it doesn’t sound all that great on the surface, there are quite a few key advantages of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) that we’ll go over in this blog post that should change their minds.

Tighter Security Options

The main component of a virtual desktop is its ability to not need hardware in order to function as a usable desktop. Because of this distinction, they are much harder for hackers to steal information from. Combine that with Azure’s top-notch security, and AVD becomes one of the most well-protected devices in your cloud system.

Even though this doesn’t help for data storage since files and documents still need to have a physical location, you can use virtual desktops to run vital processes that you don’t want unauthorized users to have access to. Plus, you won’t ruin any of your current hardware if something goes wrong.

More Flexibility for Users

Due to the virtual nature of this program, users can access it from anywhere. Whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the go, people can use AVD to run processes whenever they need. Plus, Microsoft has allowed it to be useable on any OS, not just Windows. You can also run multiple sessions at once, which allows multiple users to do what they need to without fighting for control. All these aspects allow for a level of flexibility that will help increase your overall productivity.

Reduces Overall Costs

Of course, the one key advantage of Azure Virtual Desktop that all companies will care about is the fact that it can help reduce costs. All of the benefits we’ve discussed above can lead to you saving money by saving time, but there are other ways in which AVD can reduce company costs. One of the most notable is that using a virtual desktop that can run multiple sessions will save you from having to buy new Windows licenses for each one.

Regardless of what advantages interest you the most, Atmosera offers a Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop service that you can utilize. We know that you can use this program to its fullest to benefit your company.

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