SOS – Now with 20% More Commands!

In the process of working on some really interesting future stuff about SOS (Son of Strike), the WinDBG extension for REAL .NET debugging, I see Microsoft has included their internal PSSCOR.DLL extension with the latest release of WinDBG.  (The version with WinDBG is later than the one mentioned by Michael Stanton in his blog).  Instead of doing a “.load sos”, do a “.load clr10sos” and behold the magic.  Use “!help” to see the new commands.  If you need to see hardcore things like ASP.NET’s cache and the HttpRuntime, as well as better information about what’s in the GC, you’ve got your answers.  The new “!analysis” command is worth it’s weight in gold because it does all the SOS commands you’d normally do when you look at a .NET mini dump.  As usual, you’re on your own when it comes to figuring out how the commands work, but my master plan is to rectify that soon!

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