King of the Cloud: Why Azure Is Better Than AWS

An Integrated Environment

One of the obstacles that many face with cloud migration and using cloud services is that there are too many cloud specifics and languages, creating a huge barrier to entry and making it hard to work on anything. Microsoft Azure offers an integrated environment for the testing and development of different cloud applications, as well as deployment options. Your business has various options for development languages, and you can test new ideas, services, and pages, without worrying about them going to the public. Not only does this help with developing new services, but also with migrating old ones.

Security Options

Another reason Azure is much better than AWS is that assurance processes are in place to protect your data and services. Microsoft designed Azure on the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) to protect you and your users while on the Azure cloud. When using cloud services, many worry that their information is more vulnerable and prone to theft. Azure understands this and strives to be as secure as possible. Azure was the first cloud vendor approved by the European Union’s data protection authorities, and they are also the first to accept new cloud privacy international standards.

PaaS Capabilities

Azure also offers Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities, and while AWS provides these capabilities as well, Azure delivers stronger and faster capabilities. Both offer possibilities, such as virtual networking, storage, and machines, but these services are difficult to use without strong and immediate access. With Azure PaaS, many of these infrastructure management choices are taken care of for you behind the scenes by Microsoft, allowing you to focus more on innovating different PaaS solutions.

Azure is the king of the cloud and is consistently better than AWS for taking care of your business. Your information will be more secure with Azure, and you can better access and work with your data than with AWS. At Atmosera, we can help transition your company to Microsoft Azure, and we also offer Azure optimization strategies so you can maximize your investment.

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