How Azure & Salesforce Combined To Boost Productivity

The modern world of business thrives on partnerships. Each industry is relatively niche when you look at them on a bigger scale, and to truly tackle everything, they need to work together. That’s part of why Salesforce and Microsoft Azure worked out a strategic partnership to help each other. Read on to learn how Azure & Salesforce combined to boost productivity.

Optimized Cloud

Salesforce is already a cloud-based service that provides customers various customer service and sales applications. By itself, it does a fantastic job of working with customers and bringing businesses multiple solutions to their diverse needs. However, there is always room for improvement, and by partnering with Azure, the cloud is more optimized than ever before. Azure optimizes the marketing cloud’s performance, accommodating the constantly changing consumer demand. In addition, this partnership makes scaling applications easy, ensuring that customers, and the backend of Salesforce, are always running optimally.

Fewer Requirements To Think About

When working with the cloud and cloud-based applications, companies like to see data security, privacy, and compliance requirements addressed adequately. These requirements vary from state to state, so you must work with cloud services that can accommodate these requirements. Salesforce understands the importance of these requirements, but thankfully with their Azure partnership, they can spend more time focusing on delivering quality services while Azure takes care of compliance. By taking these worries off your daily docket, you and your company can be more productive.

Global Services

In addition to taking care of different local requirements for data security as you grow, Azure and Salesforce working together makes expanding much easier. Businesses hire new employees and reach out to more recent customers when they expand. Depending on the business size, these new employees and customers can require a lot of attention and resources, whether that is onboarding, customer satisfaction, tech support, etc. The Azure and Salesforce partnership drastically reduces the onboarding and expansion time, allowing clients to work much more efficiently than without this partnership.

Azure & Salesforce combined to boost productivity for companies that work with them, and the partnership is making significant waves. Companies can work much more efficiently and on a much grander scale by taking advantage of this partnership, and that’s not even including the different benefits Azure and Salesforce bring individually. For example, at Atmosera, we offer an Azure Virtual Desktop service so that you and your workforce can take care of business from anywhere around the world.

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