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August 31, 2022 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Technology in the 21st century is advancing faster than ever—the increased reliance on tech results in an astonishing amount of data to manage. The adoption of the cloud and open-sourced databases allows companies to simplify the flow of data and make educated business decisions as a result.

Per a recent report by the Cisco Global Cloud Index, 94% of all workloads are run in the cloud. Businesses that haven’t adopted a cloud storage system or run operations on an old version of Windows can easily migrate MySQL and PostgreSQL workloads to Flexible Server, the top deployment option for open-source databases on Azure.
Join us to discuss customers’ cost savings and enhanced capabilities when migrating to Flexible Server. This webinar will explore the benefits of Flexible Server and the tools available to ensure a smooth migration.

Join this webinar to hear from experts at Microsoft and Atmosera to learn:

  • Top reasons to migrate your MySQL and PostgreSQL databases to Azure.
  • Why Flexible Server is the best deployment option for Azure open-source databases.
  • Tools, techniques, and guidance for migrating open-source databases to Azure.


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