What It Means To Be a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner

What It Means To Be a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner

If you’re searching for a Microsoft partner to help your business, you want to find the best of the best. Microsoft recognizes its most competent partners with a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner certification. Gold is the highest tier of Microsoft Certified Partners. To obtain this certification, companies must meet high standards in both customer support and Microsoft expertise. As a result of this hard work and dedication, Microsoft Gold-Certified Partners like Atmosera are at the top of their fields. Read on to discover more about what it means to be a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner and how working with one can benefit your company.

What It Takes To Be a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner

Microsoft Gold-Certified Partners come highly recommended, which is why a company must meet strict standards and display remarkable capabilities before earning this title. Microsoft requires their partners to demonstrate expertise in specific areas of business and technology, including:

  • Applications and Infrastructure
  • Business Applications
  • Data and AI
  • Modern Workplace and Security

Companies can earn certifications in these areas through various classes and exams. In addition to displaying competency in these subjects, a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner must meet a handful of specific requirements regarding customer service and various employee trainings. These requirements include participation in the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) index, a licensing overview assessment, and a sales and marketing competency assessment. Microsoft Gold-Certified Partners must also have obtained at least five customer references that verify their high standard of service delivery. Finally, all Microsoft Gold-Certified Partners have at least four Microsoft Certified Professionals on their staff. Two of these employees must have training in business-focused competency, while the other two must have completed a technical competency assessment.

Advantages of Working With a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner

The above standards and requirements only make up part of what it means to be a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner. Once a company meets these standards, it must continue to display great skill and expertise in every service it provides. That’s why working with a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner is the best choice for your business. With a certified company like Atmosera on your side, you get access to a wide range of benefits, including high standards of security, compliance, expertise, and service. Microsoft Gold-Certified Partners also utilize the latest tools and innovations from Microsoft, giving you top-tier resources to work with. Finally, these companies have direct ties to Microsoft, which means faster and more advanced support solutions for your business if the need ever arises.

If you seek top-of-the-line service, expertise, and credentials in your Azure management service, look no further than Atmosera. As a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner and Azure Expert MSP, we have the experience and training necessary to help your business get the most out of all that Microsoft Azure has to offer.

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