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Follow the Sun Master Data

Reduce latency, increase data resiliency & improve app usability.


We help customers isolate data related bottlenecks.

You may already know where you have problems or may need help figuring out why some of your data-intensive applications are slow.
Together we partner to identify how data performance and application latency can be improved.

  • Engineer new data solution.

    We ensure employees have a better experience with reduced latency and improved data freshness.

  • Increase employee productivity.

    We plan and execute a geo-distributed master database based on locations and team needs.

  • Improve customer experience.

    We can help your team support near real-time application access to data and reduce wait times for your end customers.

Get your team to use applications to drive your business.

Delivering up to date data with the lowest latency can dramatically change how valuable applications can be for your team. By speeding up how fast applications respond, your team will actually use them and make better decisions for your business.

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