Microsoft Azure Government Cloud Services

Managed Microsoft Cloud Platform and Azure.


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Since 2011, we have been fortunate enough to provide Microsoft Azure government cloud services to several state and local agencies that we are happy to call our customers. We continue to grow this segment as government teams turn to cloud solutions to enable better services for their constituencies.

Our State of Oregon Customers Include:
Oregon State Hospital (OSH)
Oregon Health Authority (OHA)
Department of Justice
Department of Human Services
Department of Treasury
Enterprise Technology Services (ETS)
State of Oregon Data Center




The Right Solution for Your Needs.
We deliver a hybrid spectrum of Microsoft Cloud Platform and Azure government cloud services to agencies and application developers who demand a modern, open, and flexible cloud service platform. We offer trusted, transparent, and secure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions for production business applications, Business Intelligence (BI), continuous data protection, application availability, test/development, and Software as a Service (SaaS) enablement. Our solutions are expertly architected, deployed, and operated 24x7x365.

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We build solutions to address your individual business objectives with an eye to sustained technology innovation.

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Atmosera Approved to Deploy in Microsoft Azure Government
Microsoft Azure Government is the most trusted cloud for US government agencies and their partners which now includes Atmosera


Microsoft Azure Government Cloud Services

Starting in June of 2017, Microsoft opened up their Microsoft Azure government regions to partners. Atmosera was one of the first Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) to be approved to deploy qualified government customers in these dedicated regions.

Azure Government offers world-class security and compliance for US federal, state, local, and tribal government agencies and their partners. It provides an environment for government-only workloads which is operated by screened US citizens. Customers can choose from six data center regions with DoD Impact Level 5 Provisional Authority (PA) including two dedicated regions for US Department of Defense workloads. Environments can leverage hybrid flexibility by maintaining some data and functionality on-premises. Azure Government also offers the most certifications of any cloud provider to simplify critical government compliance requirements.

Atmosera works with state and local governments to provide them with managed cloud services. Contact us today and explore a recent success story with a government customer!