What To Look for in an Azure Managed Services Provider

Not all companies have the time, resources, or expertise to manage their Microsoft Azure system effectively. After all, your business needs to focus on what you do best: caring for your customers, services, and products. That doesn’t mean you have to neglect your cloud system, though. By choosing a reliable and reputable Azure managed services provider, you can outsource your IT operations and get the most out of Microsoft Azure. Of course, you want only the best partners for your business. When it’s time to optimize your cloud computing system, keep this list of what to look for in an Azure managed services provider in mind.

Comprehensive Knowledge of Microsoft Azure

If you plan to hand off your Azure management to someone else, you want to make sure they’re an expert. You should know how many years of Azure experience your managed services provider has before making a decision. Look at certifications for both the company and individual team members. Case studies can also give you valuable insight into how the company operates and what kind of results they can bring to your business. You can also look for qualifications like Gold Microsoft Partner or Azure Expert MSP, which signify that the provider has undergone rigorous audits and training to meet Microsoft’s own standards.

Support Through the Entire Cloud Lifecycle

One benefit of migrating to Azure is its ability to adapt to your specific business needs. As such, one of the most important things to look for in an Azure managed services provider is someone who can help you through every unique step. Ensure that the MSP you choose is fluent in planning, migrating, and optimizing Azure to best suit your business and goals. You should be able to rely on this partner for as long as you need them, through every step of the process.

Reliable Communication and Support

Technology can only go so far on its own. To make your Azure system as effective as it can be, you’ll need a dedicated and supportive team on your side. Make sure your Azure managed services provider offers 24/7 monitoring and support, as well as a dedicated account manager. Efficient and dependable communication includes thorough coverage and quick reaction and recovery times in case of an incident.

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