What Are Managed Detection and Response Security Services?

Every day, cyber threats grow in size and complexity. Maintaining your defenses and securing your data from these threats is a monumental task—one most businesses can’t accomplish alone. That’s why companies turn to third-party experts to help improve and maintain their cybersecurity. One such outsourced service is Managed Detection and Response (MDR) security. What are Managed Detection and Response security services? MDR is an advanced managed security service option that offers masterful threat detection, analysis, and response. MDR security services help companies minimize vulnerabilities and improve their ability to handle cyber threats. What exactly do these services entail and how can companies benefit from them? Learn everything you need to know with our guide to MDR security services.

What Are Managed Detection and Response Security Services?

Traditionally, companies have turned to MSSPs, or managed security service providers, to build and maintain their defenses from cyber-attacks. While MSSPs successfully utilize perimeter-based technology to handle known threats like reoccurring malware or high-volume attacks, they lack the ability to enact cybersecurity on a deeper level. This is where MDR services come in. With processes such as advanced threat detection and analysis, proactive threat hunting, and human monitoring, MDR security services provide a more thorough coverage for your company’s data protection and security. MDR takes a three-pronged approach to cybersecurity, covering threat detection, threat analysis, and incident response. It accomplishes these things through the advanced resources, processes, and goals outlined below.

Expert Service Delivered In-House

Many companies—especially small to mid-size businesses—simply don’t have the time, resources, or manpower to maintain an internal cybersecurity program. MDR security service providers bring their technology and expertise to your premises. You don’t have to worry about obtaining expensive or hard-to-find tools and programs for your company. Additionally, you don’t have to spend time and resources to train staff on how to operate these tools. The provider will implement and monitor your security network. This means your company gets access to cutting-edge technology and processes that you might not be able to afford and upkeep otherwise. This also means you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the evolving world of cyber threats and data breaches. MDR experts are dedicated to your security so you can spend more of your resources on your own areas of expertise.

Threat Detection Versus Compliance

Industries must meet certain compliance standards with their security systems. The mishandling of records or failure to protect data can result in serious legal consequences such as lawsuits and fines. The blow to your company’s reputation might be even worse. That’s why you need a security solution that meets the federal, local, and industry compliance requirements set for you. While MDR services are more security focused, they often naturally support compliance goals as well. If you need extra assurance of compliance, ask your MDR provider how their solutions map to your specific compliance needs. Many advanced MDR plans have extra services to help ensure your company is meeting compliance requirements.

Threat Hunting

How exactly do MDR services detect, analyze, and respond to threats? These services take a proactive approach known as threat hunting which focuses on finding and eliminating threats before an attack even occurs. Threat hunting is particularly effective in discovering threats and approaches that can evade automated security solutions. Once threat hunters locate a malicious element, they study this issue’s behavior and methods before neutralizing it. Analysts will then use this information to identify patterns and trends, leading them to discovering and eliminating future breaches. Threat hunting allows MDR professionals and tools to better manage unknown threats, allowing them to continuously evolve and improve your company’s cyber defenses.

Human Touch and Expertise

MDR security services use human expertise and analysis to achieve their goals. As mentioned above, threat hunting relies on analysts to study and identify patterns within a potential threat. This process requires a human touch. Tools and technology can streamline and fortify security services, but humans make the critical decisions necessary to keep those tools effective. In addition to threat hunting, MDR services apply this human expertise to their constant system monitoring. Security experts will be on watch 24/7 every day of the year to catch threats and ensure your system stays up and running. The focus on human expertise also allows for direct and personal communication. You won’t have to work with automated responses and emails when a problem occurs. Instead, a dedicated professional will be able to help you quickly resolve the issue and get your system back on track.

Incident Response

If an incident does occur, MDR services take the issue incredibly seriously. AI-powered security tools can contain breaches and other attacks within minutes. Machine learning algorithms can then automate steps for remediation. Your MDR provider will also work with you to orchestrate a response and recover from the incident. Meanwhile, the MDR services and tools will work on building up your defenses against future attacks of this variety. You can rely on your MDR provider to analyze and identify indicators of compromise, reverse engineer malware, and more.

The Benefits of Managed Detection and Response

MDR services have a positive effect on key cybersecurity metrics within your company. These services help lower your incident frequency, reduce the time between incident detection and incident resolution, and cut costs-per-incident. It is both difficult and costly for businesses to build and implement their own internal cybersecurity team. Resources such as technology, trained staff, and the sheer amount of time you must dedicate to these processes are hard to come by. MDR security services give you the thorough and proactive protection you need for less cost and hassle. Another perk of MDR services is the lack of false alarms. Since MDR providers analyze all incidents, they can separate false signals from genuine threats. In addition to saving time and resources, this also cuts down on distractions for the security team, allowing them to put their full energy toward mitigating threats.

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