Reasons To Consider Managed Detection and Response in Healthcare

Every industry deals with various forms of cyber threats, but few have higher stakes than the healthcare sector. Companies and facilities must strive to protect both their own assets and patients’ information from theft, loss, and other threats. Managed detection and response services help healthcare companies uphold this crucial responsibility. Explore how this advanced managed security solution benefits healthcare providers across the industry with this overview of the reasons to consider managed detection and response in healthcare.

The Importance of Secure Healthcare Data

As cyber threats continue to grow and evolve, the healthcare industry has become more of a target for hackers with a variety of motives. For example, hackers can use stolen insurance information for financial gain, medical fraud, or even access to various healthcare services or medical equipment. Due to the high value that medical records have on the dark web, healthcare companies face sophisticated security threats from all sides. As such, cybersecurity is a priority within the industry and calls for an evolving, proactive solution to deal with the threat.

Managed Detection and Response: A Proactive Solution

Managed detection and response (MDR) services provide in-house, expert solutions that offer a deeper level of security for companies. It’s particularly beneficial for organizations that don’t have the time or resources necessary to defend against the ever-changing world of cyberattacks. MDR security services deliver top-of-the-line tools, programs, and services to healthcare companies and facilities, allowing these businesses to dedicate more resources to serving their patients. Below are just a few of the top reasons to consider managed detection and response in healthcare:

Dedicated Experts

In addition to world-class security tools and technology, MDR services rely on human experts to make their defenses as strong as possible. Dedicated MDR professionals stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity training and knowledge, allowing them to deliver the most current and relevant solutions for your system. When healthcare companies use MDR services, they reap the benefits of expert help without worrying about training and retaining these employees themselves.

Guaranteed Compliance

Healthcare providers deliver crucial services and products every day. As such, these companies are under intense pressure to follow state, federal, and industry regulations. Failure to comply with these strict measures puts patients in danger and leads to disastrous lawsuits. By turning to MDR services for their cybersecurity, healthcare companies implement a security solution that goes above and beyond HIPAA and other standards.

Threat Hunting

MDR services’ proactive approach to threats sets them apart from other managed security solutions. They use a process known as threat hunting to analyze and detect threats before an attack occurs. In addition to preventing threats, this approach has better success catching and stopping attacks that can sidestep automated security services. This advantage allows both healthcare providers and their patients to exchange and store information more confidently.

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