Maintain Your Workplace Operations in a Managed Azure Environment

Refined Workforce Skills with Atmosera

Many IT decision makers understand the value of a managed cloud environment, but are also worried about the ability for a managed environment to eliminate the need for their workforce services on behalf of the managed services entity.

Looking at managed environments in 2021, it’s important to understand that it’s a shift in responsibility, not a replacement. Positions will change, but the ability to remain hands-on and fully involved in decision making for your managed Azure environment will still remain.

The ability to collaborate is widening to ensure that businesses are getting maximum value from their data management environments in partnership with their service providers and the additional value they can provide.

This graphic here represents the evolving shift in skills and responsibilities when you transition your business over to a managed Azure environment.

The evolution of roles and responsibilities doesn’t mean elimination, just refinement. So key IT and data management resources at any business can rest assured that their expertise will still be utilized when transitioning over to a managed Azure environment with Atmosera.

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