Azure Security and What It Consists of To Protect Your Business

As you build your cybersecurity defenses, you should know exactly what tools and services are at your disposal. When you choose Microsoft Azure for your cloud provider, you choose world-class digital security resources. However, it’s not enough to know that you have thorough and reliable protection in your IT toolkit. You must understand what these tools are and how you can leverage them to serve your company. Promote top-tier security and best practices with this guide to Azure Security and what it consists of to protect your business.

Identity Control and Access Management

Knowing who has access to certain information is a pillar of modern security. When only authorized users have access to sensitive information, you can minimize the risk of that information falling into the wrong hands. Many best practices for access management are straightforward. For example, multifactor authentication is a common instrument that makes user sign-ins more secure. You can also implement single sign-on, which creates a single user account for all employees. This single account grants access to all applicable applications and resources, streamlining work processes and making information management simpler than ever. These and other tools are a result of Azure Active Directory, Microsoft’s identity and access management tool. Azure AD allows businesses to implement and enforce access management best practices, making information access easier and more secure across the entire company.

Strong Storage Security

Storage solutions are another major part of Azure Security and what it consists of to protect your business. Microsoft Azure provides several tools to help you encrypt your data while in transit and at rest. A shared access signature is also useful, as it allows you to delegate access to information and resources in your storage account. This is a simple way to grant limited permissions for a period of time without sharing full account access. Finally, Microsoft’s Azure Storage Analytics is a service that logs and provides metric data for your storage account. This information can help you trace requests, view usage trends, and even diagnose issues within your account. The monitoring and analysis that Azure Storage Analytics provide give you a clearer idea of the activity, needs, and other valuable data surrounding your storage solutions.

This is just the beginning of the Microsoft Azure security services you can benefit from. With so many tools and solutions at your disposal, it helps to have the experts on your side. Contact Atmosera today for a free security assessment, and get started revolutionizing your cloud security system.

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