AVD vs. Amazon WorkSpaces: Which Is Better for You

When your team is remote, they need the right resources and tools to maintain productivity and continuously strive for success. Virtual desktops are a great way to offer the applications and desktop environment your workers need across any physical device. This creates greater flexibility and wider opportunities for your teams, but which virtual desktop service should you use? Find the answer with this rundown of AVD vs. Amazon WorkSpaces and which is better for you.

The Benefits of a Virtual Desktop

No matter which virtual desktop service you use, you’ll reap the benefits of equipping your team with a mobile workspace. Both Azure Virtual Desktop and Amazon WorkSpaces offer ease of access, reliable security, and streamlined efficiency for your teams. Both services provide great benefits for your employees, so which is better for you: AVD or Amazon WorkSpaces? The answer lies in the precise needs of your business.

Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon Web Services offers a managed virtual desktop solution called Amazon WorkSpaces. This service operates on any Windows or Linux desktop and takes only minutes to set up. Amazon WorkSpaces operates on an hourly or monthly subscription service and offers dedicated, one-to-one resources for your team to use. Amazon WorkSpaces takes the complexity out of your desktop, making it easy to manage hardware, operating systems, and virtual desktop infrastructure.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop—known as Windows Virtual Desktop until their recent rebrand—is part of Microsoft Azure. This cloud-based service makes it easy for you to scale your business even as you work remotely. Like Amazon WorkSpaces, it only takes a few minutes to get AVD running. You can also manage AVD every step of the way through the Azure portal. Microsoft AVD offers one-to-one resources, just like Amazon WorkSpaces. However, you can also choose a one-to-many resource option, which allows you to share a resource—and its cost—with other users on the same host.

Microsoft is also releasing new features for AVD as part of their rebrand. One of the biggest updates is the new pricing for application streaming, which will allow clients to stream applications to users beyond their specific organization. Other updates include enhanced support for Azure Active Directory, multisession VM support with Microsoft EndPoint Manager, and more.

Microsoft AVD is an easily deployable and scalable solution that empowers your teams no matter where they are. Are you ready to reap the benefits of a fast and flexible remote work solution? Work with Atmosera to start making the most of your Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop service today.

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