2020 Year In Review: Lessons From a Year Like No Other

Like many companies around the world, 2020 has been a year of lessons at Atmosera. Having been suddenly confronted with a myriad of new challenges, we seized the opportunity to embrace the change and learn how to keep delivering for our clients despite the workplace disruption we all experienced.   

The knowledge we gained during the challenges of this year has made us a better Atmosera for the futurehelping us adapt more swiftly and provide stronger levels of support for our clientsHere is what we are taking with us from this year as we head into 2021: 

We Became More Agile…

  • We taught ourselves how to pivot an on-premise workforce to be primarily remote  
  • We learned to appreciate the importance of routine in the way we execute 
  • We found new ways to solve problems and maintain efficiency outside the traditional workspace 

We Expanded Our Expertise…

  • We learned how to integrate Azure Bastion to provide customers with seamless virtual machine connectivity directly from the Azure portal  
  • We discovered how to use Azure Lighthouse to enable greater automation and scalability  
  • We explored how Azure Arc can be used to better monitor our own infrastructure as well as our clients’ 
  • We confirmed that we can pass the Azure Expert MSP progress audit to maintain our unique status as a service provider 
  • We determined how to deploy Azure monitoring and alerting solutions faster and more consistently than ever before 
  • We learned how to deploy infrastructure to best support SAP workloads 
  • We taught ourselves how to apply the Azure VMware Solution, allowing clients to run workloads in their private clouds 

We Adapted to Meet Client Needs…

  • We learned how to apply Atmosera IP, enabling our clients to consistently move at the speed of their business 
  • We discovered how to quickly deploy Windows Virtual Desktop to support back to work initiatives 
  • We identified ways to support client needs through remote worker enablement for continued productivity  

We Are Ready for 2021…

We made it over the hurdles presented and are grateful for the learning opportunities presented along the way. We are better positioned for the future and are excited to apply the knowledge gained this year to continue serving our clients in 2021.  

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