Azure VMware Solutions

Seamlessly migrate, extend and run existing VMware workloads in Azure with AVS supported by Atmosera

Provision existing VMware infrastructure on Azure in minutes and modernize your applications with Atmosera’s AVS architecture guidance

Easily migrate, extend, and run VMware workloads in Azure – all without the cost, effort, and risk of rearchitecting applications or operations. Build, run, and manage both new and existing applications in VMware with our Azure VMware solutions. Leverage established tools, certified expertise, and proven cloud strategies.

At Atmosera, we strive to provide our clients with simple solutions for their businesses. No matter the industry, we work internally to run and manage existing applications or build out new ones to support your business—and your goals—with our Azure VMware solutions. We understand how significant cloud service management is for many companies. That is why we work 24x7x365 to ensure your cloud is managed properly and securely. so you can sleep well at night knowing your data, information, and applications are in good hands.

        Gold Microsoft Partner, Azure Expert MSP

This solution includes all the standard features, plus:

  • No Cost Migration
  • Vetted expertise per Microsoft’s Azure VMware Solutions Advisor program
  • Best practice recommendations from a VMware Verified Partner (since 2009) and Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (since 2014)
  • Complimentary assessment of vCenter environment
  • Pricing models with Pay as you Go, Reserved Instances and Azure Hybrid Use Benefit
  • Access to Premier Support level with Microsoft
  • AVS Reference Architectures
  • Azure Credits
  • Alignment to Microsoft Global Black Belt team
  • Alignment to internal Microsoft and VMware Account Manager teams
  • Billing Management and ongoing cost optimization
  • 24x7x365 US-based support from Microsoft-certified experts
  • Runbook-based monitoring and alerting
  • InfoSec and Compliance Services available and offered at additional cost

For more information regarding our Azure VMware solutions and AVS architectural guidance, contact us now and an Atmosera Azure expert will be happy to provide you with assistance.

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