Data Center 1 (DC1)

Deploy Your Equipment Locally and Globally

For the better part of a decade, Atmosera has owned, operated, and offered TYPE-II SSAE 16 compliant data centers to clients who need secure space, power, and cooling to deploy their mission-critical applications. We also leverage 21 additional data centers in the U.S. and abroad through strategic alliances. We offer a range of options from racks and full cabinets to secure cages. We also have network connectivity from several service providers.

Clients benefit from multiple hardened layers of security, reliability, and protection, combined with rigorous operational and maintenance procedures. Atmosera provides professional services that include remote hands, monitoring, and backup. We operate three data centers in the Portland Metropolitan area: Data Center 1 (DC1) and Data Center 2 (DC2) located in Beaverton, and Data Center 3 (DC3) located in downtown Portland.

Physical Specifications

DC1 provides clients an ideal space to deploy their infrastructure and mission critical applications. We offer a safe and secure environment complete with space, power, and cooling with the following features:

  • Nearly 3,000 square feet
  • Flat stable ground with no known faults, flood plains or other geological threats and out of any flight paths
  • Choice of space in shared and private cabinets, in full-height and partial-cabinet increments
  • All full-height and new partial-size cabinets use a perforated door
  • Older partial-size private cabinets (1/2, 1/3 and 1/4) provide a solid door with fan
  • Cabinets are bolted to the foundation for seismic stability
  • Overhead anchored ladders provide additional vertical stability

Electrical Power Systems

In the unlikely event of failure, Atmosera’s power systems are designed to run uninterrupted. We have dedicated Portland General Electric (PGE) 1500kVA Clean WindSM electrical service into dual 300kVA CleanSource® UPS systems with efficient flywheel energy storage plus dual battery- powered 300kVA UPS systems. The UPS systems are configured 2N and are backed up by three independent diesel generators with a combined capacity of 1400kVA. The generators are exercised every month for 30 minutes under full load.

Primary and Secondary Electrical Power Systems

Power to the data center is provided by a 2N system. Primary power is provided by Portland General Electric (PGE) through a dedicated 1500kVA 3-phase 277/480VAC transformer and power feed. There are two secondary systems: A and B. Either the A or B system is capable of running the full load and half of the air conditioning systems. The

A and B systems have independent transfer switches, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) and power distribution. UPS and mechanical power loads have independent transfer switches.

Power Switching

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATSs) connect the primary and secondary power systems to the data center load. In the event of a power or phase loss, the ATSs detect the anomaly, start the generators and transfer the load. Generators are online, with load, within 10 seconds. Ten minutes after stable primary power is restored and stable, the ATSs transfer the load back to primary power. Annunciator panels in the Command Center monitor ATS switching conditions. The ATSs are automatically tested under load every month as part of the generator exercise schedule.

Service Transformers

Four Mirus Harmony-2TM harmonic mitigating transformers convert the 277/480VAC into 208/120VAC for use.

Power to the Cabinets

Full- and half-sized cabinets in Data Center 1 have dual power feeds. One-third and smaller cabinets have a single power feed. Default power configurations include:

  • Full cabinet, 30”, 34”, and 39” deep: 2x20 Amp. (power configurations available up to redundant three-phase 30 Amp, 208 V)
  • 1/2 cabinet, 30” deep: 1x20 Amp or 2x10 Amp. (Power configuration is cabinet-specific.)
  • 1/3 cabinet, 39” deep: 1x20 Amp or 2x20 Amp. and 30” deep: 1x10 Amp.
  • 1/4 cabinet, 30” deep and Super Condo, 30” or 39” deep: 1x7 Amp.
  • Condo. 30” deep: 1x4 Amp.

Go Green with No Surcharge

Atmosera procures 100% Portland General Electric Clean WindSM power offsets for DC1 and DC2 as well as our headquarters. Although it cost more to build than a conventional facility — and although renewable power will cost us a premium — the efficiencies gained by our design means we can provide our services with no “green surcharge” to our clients.

Fire Detection/Suppression Systems

Atmosera’s facilities are protected by multiple zone-based fire detection and suppression systems connected to a remotely monitored alarm system.

Heat detection and laser-based smoke detection systems monitor the data center, colocation and UPS zone environments. Ambient air in each zone is continuously sampled by a VESDA laser-based smoke detection system to test for contaminants. The laser-based system is much more sensitive than traditional smoke detectors. Information from the Fenwal system is displayed on the fire system annunciator panel in the Command Center.

Airborne particles, such as smoke, are detected by the VESDA system and announced on a scale from one to 10. Detection of a level-three particle concentration will ring a trouble alarm and send a “fire trouble one” alert to our off-site alarm monitoring company. A level-seven particle concentration will send a “fire trouble two” alert. A level 10 concentration will ring the fire alarm throughout the facility and send an alarm to the off-site monitoring company. A fire alarm will cause the monitoring company to dispatch the local fire department unless they receive an authenticated phone call declaring the fire alarm false.

Detection of a VESDA-triggered fire alarm is the first step in charging the pre-action, dry pipe, fire suppression system with water. A second event is required to fully charge the system — either a high temperature reading in the data center or colocation facility, a burst sprinkler head or an active fire alarm pull station. At this point, water would only be discharged from the sprinklers with ruptured temperature-sensitive discs.

Networking and Telecommunications

Atmosera is a carrier-neutral facility with multiple providers including AboveNet, CenturyLink, Level 3, Comcast, Freewire Broadband, Frontier, Integra, LS Networks and Time Warner.

Atmosera is a founding member of the Northwest Access Exchange (NWAX), a regional Internet exchange with a Point of Presence (PoP) at Atmosera. NWAX provides peering and transit services over a 10 gigabit Ethernet fabric, and interconnects nearly 20 major ISP, business and public/education networks, providing the highest possible performance with local peers. Three Tier 1 providers deliver upstream Internet bandwidth capacity on 10 GigE fiber.

Data Cabling

Data cabling at Atmosera is switched gigabit and 1,10,40, and 100 GB ethernet network.

Physical Security

Atmosera personnel are on site at the facility 24/7. We monitor for intrusion detection with internal alarming and an external security service. Entrance is by card key and Bioconnect™ fingerprint verification for colocation clients. Physical access is restricted to Atmosera employees for all other services. Multiple surveillance cameras monitor all activity, and all access is logged. Each client’s cabinet enclosure is secured with an individual lock and key. (There are no “community cabinets,” with the exception of our shared-space Colo Condo offerings.)

Data Security

Atmosera has laid down an extensive minefield to prevent unauthorized access to your information. Atmosera’s infrastructure, applications and data are protected by high-end firewalls that are monitored in the company’s Command Center. The Command Center monitors all aspects of its Cloud hosting services and end-to-end network infrastructure 24/7/365, using SolarWinds® proven Orion network and application performance tools. Atmosera’s Monitoring and Standards Specialist is a SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP).


Standard maintenance occurs Tuesdays from midnight to 6 a.m. Emergency maintenance occurs midnight to 6 a.m.

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