Partner Opportunity Register

In order to register your opportunity, please fill out all the information below. We will contact you as soon as possible. It is important you provide as much information as possible and include the client name. This is to ensure we register the deal as of this form submission.

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Reseller must submit each potential customer through this Atmosera lead registration website and provide all required information. Within five business days of such prospective Reseller customer information (“Notification Date”), Atmosera shall notify Reseller by email of its acceptance or rejection of such prospective Reseller customer. Atmosera has the right to reject a customer registration (“Rejected Reseller Customer”) for any good faith reasonable business reason, including, without limitation, if Atmosera determines that the customer is (i) an existing customer of Atmosera or (ii) already engaged in potential sales activity with the Atmosera direct sales force, or (iii) another partner was the first party to register with such potential customer for the Services. If the prospective customer is rejected by Atmosera, after three (3) months from date of submissions, the Reseller shall have no right or authority over Atmosera with regards to the prospective customer.