Why modernize SQL Server in Azure? Azure vs. AWS for SQL

Considering modernization options for your SQL Server environment? It’s a great opportunity to advance your organization’s digital transformation while also reducing expenses. Let’s compare Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services features and capabilities for SQL.


Lower Costs in Azure

Reduce Datacenter Costs

One of the major benefits of migrating a SQL environment to the cloud is reducing hardware maintenance costs, especially older servers that are outdated or nearing end of life. Replacing those servers would require hefty capital expenditures, and ongoing datacenter management is resource-intensive. Microsoft estimates an up to 80% administration cost reduction by moving to SQL Server on Azure.

Faster Performance at Less TCO

Migrating SQL Server to Azure can save you up to 84% in cloud spend compared to AWS, based on reporting from third-party research firm GigaOm. That makes AWS approximately five times more expensive than Azure for SQL. According to the same GigaOm report, SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines is up to 3.6 times faster than the comparable AWS EC2 solution. Essentially, you get more bang for your buck with Azure.

Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL

Do you already have existing SQL Server licenses? You can take advantage of Azure Hybrid Benefit and save up to 85% on Azure’s pay-as-you-go pricing structure by migrating those SQL Server licenses. Azure Hybrid Benefit can also be combined with other cost-saving options, like reserved instances. While AWS also offers a variation of a SQL Server license transferring option, it does not offer the same type of cost savings and discount options.

Security and Compliance

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory gives users a single sign-on experience across cloud, mobile, and on-prem apps, and secures your organization’s critical data from unauthorized access with multi-factor authentication. An existing on-premises Active Directory for your SQL Server can be easily connected to Azure Active Directory to provide seamless services for all Office 365 and Azure services.

Azure Security Center

Azure Security Center is an integrated security management system that is included with your Azure service. It analyzes workloads not only in the cloud but also on-premises, for strong threat detection across hybrid workloads. After analyzing the environment, Azure Security Center’s intuitive dashboard provides specific, actionable recommendations to remediate potential vulnerabilities.

AWS has its own native security management system: AWS Security Hub. While it also offers cloud security recommendations in a dashboard, it does not support on-prem SQL workloads for a hybrid environment the way that Azure Security Center does.

Compliance in the Cloud

Microsoft Azure holds more compliance certifications than any other public cloud provider – including AWS. Whether your business requires industry regulations like HIPAA and FEDRAMP or regional compliance needs like GDPR, Azure has you covered. For complete peace of mind when it comes to security and compliance, you can work with a reliable Microsoft partner like Atmosera.

Power SQL in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Azure offers an extensive suite of native tools that are designed for seamless integration between the cloud and on-prem servers for a truly hybrid environment. In fact, Microsoft built Azure with hybrid infrastructures in mind. It’s the only cloud provider with such a comprehensive set of hybrid solutions, especially for SQL Server.

Azure SQL Database

With Azure SQL Database managed instances, you can have evergreen SQL that never requires patching or upgrades. The database is powered by AI and automated features for performance and cost optimization. It also provides end-to-end SQL Server Engine compatibility for migration without code changes. The fully managed SQL database simplifies performance management.

Azure SQL Database Hyperscale is a highly scalable service tier that continuously adapts on-demand to meet your specific performance and capacity needs. Its automatic resource scaling allows your team to focus on building and managing applications with complete flexibility. Hyperscale enables you to host larger SQL databases than AWS or any other cloud platform on the market.

Azure Stack

Azure Stack extends services and capabilities across your full infrastructure, from the cloud to on-prem SQL Servers. You can build, deploy, and run cloud-native applications with Azure services in local datacenters or in disconnected locations, allowing for even more flexibility to innovate.

Trusted Azure Partner

One of the main reasons for modernizing SQL Server in the cloud is to accelerate innovation. Migrating SQL workloads to a flexible Azure environment helps with agility and scalability, which are necessary for digital transformation. Truly accelerating innovation requires freeing IT resources and talent from mundane tasks.

Atmosera is here to be an extension of your team, so you can focus on your core business. Partner with Atmosera to migrate your SQL Server to Azure for a cost-effective, low-risk journey to the cloud. Contact us today for a free Azure migration.

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