Solving the Top Cloud Migration Challenges with Microsoft Azure

Cost saving and management

Microsoft Azure offers multiple ways to reduce costs and optimize cloud spending. Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances (RI) is a dedicated compute or virtual machine (VM) on the Azure public cloud for a committed contract term of one or three years. Microsoft estimates savings of up to 72% compared to standard Azure pay-as-you-go pricing.

Leverage Azure’s built-in cost management tools for more visibility into cloud spending. Azure Cost Management monitors and analyzes cloud spending. The data is available in a dashboard within the Azure portal. Azure Cost Management smoothly integrates with other native tools like Azure Advisor to optimize the environment with reservations, scaling, and removing unused resources. Power BI and Cost Management APIs enable even more customization capabilities and granular data.

Organizations that use Windows Server or SQL Server on-prem can save money when migrating to Azure. Migrating Windows Server and SQL Server to AWS is five times more expensive than Azure. Azure Hybrid Benefit allows customers to apply on-prem Windows Server licenses to deploy new VMs in Azure, reducing data center costs as well as cloud migration costs.

Built-in security and compliance

With more than 85 compliance offerings and certifications, Microsoft Azure is the most compliant and audited public cloud platform – including AWS and Google Cloud. Azure complies with FedRAMP, HIPAA, HITECH, ISO, IRS-1075, ITAR, and many more regulations and standards.

Azure Security Center is a built-in service within the Azure portal. It’s a powerful tool that automatically analyzes the Azure environment regularly for potential vulnerabilities. The Security Center dashboard provides specific security recommendations. Each recommendation has a description of the vulnerability, outlines steps to remediate it and required resources, a status bar to depict the urgency, as well as the “secure score” impact. The score is based on information security best practices and Microsoft’s algorithm to quantify the severity of different vulnerabilities. There is an overall “secure score” and a breakdown of scores in different categories to prioritize areas that need the most or immediate attention.

Moving workloads and data

Azure Migrate is a tool that assesses the migration readiness of on-prem environments. It maps out all the assets, identifies dependencies, and provides recommendations for how to phase the migration. The service streamlines workload migration.

Protecting and backing up data is also a concern during the cloud migration process. Azure has a built-in service called Azure Site Recovery, which is used for both disaster recovery as well as backing up data when migrating from on-prem to the cloud. Azure Site Recovery uses a data replication process that requires hardly any downtime.

Partnering with a trusted Azure Managed Services Provider like Atmosera makes the cloud migration process much smoother and efficient. Atmosera ensures your Azure migration will be on-budget, on-time, and aligned with your business objectives. And if you are looking for on-going support and monitoring post-migration, Atmosera provides ongoing management and optimization by certified Azure experts.

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