Moving From Data Centers – Preventing Business Disruption

One very positive aspect of the public cloud – when managed properly – is the increased confidence in having your applications and data protected from disruption. Disruption can come in many forms, and can impact large and small organizations alike.

Take, for example, the traditional leader in the old data center model, Rackspace. Their data center customers have been disrupted by something completely out of their control. In 2016, Rackspace was acquired by a PE firm and has started implementing cost-cutting measures this year. In the San Antonio, Texas area, the reverberations to the technology and business communities are certainly being felt. And in North Texas, reports are that Rackspace will be closing their data center.

In 2017, data center closures are in the news, with government agencies accelerating closures and corporate companies like Bank of America announcing closures “to reduce future operating costs.”

For customers who depend on private or hybrid cloud instances, data center closures can be disruptive to business processes. IT organizations must move their applications and data to new environments. Such an event does offer the opportunity to reconsider what is next which could include migrating a managed service provider (like Atmosera provides) for hosted private or hybrid cloud solutions; or move to the public cloud such as Azure.

Public Cloud Benefits

The move to the public cloud is often driven by cost-cutting measures – as revealed in the Government Accounting Office’s Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) report, released May 18, 2017.

The report noted “18 of the 24 agencies reported achieving about $2.3 billion collectively in cost savings and avoidances from their data center consolidation and optimization efforts from fiscal year 2012 through August 2016.”

Another benefit of the public cloud is stability. Especially when considering a growing, global cloud provider such as Microsoft and Azure. While public cloud disruptions are rare, highly trained professionals at Microsoft (and Atmosera) take care of occasional problems quickly and professionally. Your data, applications and storage are professionally and actively managed 24x7x365 days a year.

If you select Atmosera to deploy your services in a public Azure cloud, chances are you’ll never need to worry about a data center closure again.

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