Five Benefits of Managed Security Services

Here are five reasons to partner with a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) for your information security (InfoSec) needs:

1. Focus on your business

Information security is becoming increasingly more complex and requires expertise on the subject. While IT professionals are vital to an organization, they are not enough to keep an environment safe while they do all the other pressing functions expected of them. Using a medical analogy, an IT professional is like a general physician, while an InfoSec professional is like a specialist. It is also inefficient to have a significant percentage of staff focused on IT and security if that’s not a company’s purpose.

Partnering with an MSSP frees up time and resources, allowing you to focus on your business. A good Managed Services Provider will serve as a partner and act as an extension of your company – enabling your business without being a burden on it.

2. Fully integrated solution

A proper security strategy involves multiple layers of defense, like a castle. A fully integrated security solution requires a lot of components – a careful combination of tools, processes, and people. It must be flexible to your IT environment and specific business needs.

Why reinvent the wheel? When you partner with an MSSP, the solution and tools are already put in place and optimally designed. You have direct access to a team of experts and their expert interpretations of security data. MSSPs understand the complexities of each product in the solution and that saves hours of engineering time. Atmosera’s managed security services include SIEM, Firewall, AV/End Point Protection, Vulnerability Management, and Penetration Testing are all included, as well as access to a Chief Information Security Officer, technical staff available 24x7x365, and a dedicated Client Success Manager.

3. One vendor to manage

Don’t be weighed down by managing several different vendors required to build your own security solution. Vendor risk management is a real issue and partnering with an MSSP reduces risk, since you’re only managing one vendor. This saves IT’s time dealing with multiple vendors, since vendor management is complicated and time-consuming. You can even save time on the business side in other departments, like finance and legal.

When managing vendors, consider the following:

  • Are they financially stable?
  • What are their security practices?
  • Do they meet your compliance requirements?
  • Are they certified by credible third-party auditors?
  • Is their roadmap aligned with your business?
  • Are you continuously evaluating them?
  • Are they complying with the SLA agreed upon? If not, what is the recourse for violations?
  • In case of an issue, who do you contact?
  • Who will manage invoices, contracts, and renewals for each vendor?

4. Lower costs

Managed security services are like a timeshare model of security services and tools. You get all of the technical services, tools, and expertise of a fully integrated solution needed to effectively monitor and protect your organization at a mere fraction of the cost needed to build it yourself. In fact, the price of Atmosera’s or comparable managed security services would only get you a firewall and two IT professionals.

There is a shortage of an estimated two million cybersecurity professionals. Finding InfoSec talent is hard, expensive, and resource-intensive. Retaining talent is difficult and expensive too, with the high level of demand. Many of our clients have struggled with this before leveraging managed security services.

A good managed security solution scales with your business so you don’t need to worry about capacity. There are no costly software or hardware upgrades to worry about either, so large capital expenditures can be avoided.

Basically, an MSSP gives you assurance and peace of mind – within your budget.

5. Continuous improvement of security services

Do you have time to keep up with current trends and changes in the security industry? The world of InfoSec continuously evolves at a rapid pace and keeping up requires a significant amount of dedication. MSSP experts stay up to date with current requirements, threats and changes based on regional regulations, industrial standards, and frameworks for best practices. InfoSec professionals are constantly evaluating what is happening in the industry with regards to both threats and technology and then design solutions with that focus in mind. Integrated solutions are constantly under review to ensure they are both meeting clients’ needs and keeping up with changes in the industry.


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