Atmosera Managed Security: Designed to meet your needs

By Byron Anderson
InfoSec Engineer, Atmosera

Information security is constantly evolving to protect organizations from new threats. This year Atmosera developed new security services as a direct result of feedback received from clients about their needs, as well as the evolving security landscape.

Security has always been a priority, and Atmosera has been offering security services for years. However, those security services were formerly only available as part of our larger compliance packages, designed to support clients with specific compliance requirements such as HIPAA or PCI-DSS. Traditionally, most companies only become compliant when they have a need to, but our clients are mostly interested in strengthening their security framework. Our clients’ feedback revealed a high level of demand for our security solutions as individual managed services, and expressed interest in managed services that would help them improve their overall security posture, while meeting the mounting demands of their clients and vendors.

We made this feedback our priority. In the past year, Atmosera has transformed a compliance-focused department into a robust InfoSec team with a new focus on managed security. We are now offering our award-winning managed security services in new bundles, while still offering compliance packages to support our clients in regulated industries.

We updated and expanded our underlying technology and capabilities, in order to support more clients and ensure cutting edge capabilities. When refreshing our security technologies, we completely replaced our vulnerability, SIEM, and our endpoint protection (anti-virus) platforms. We then created three new services: Vulnerability Management, Advanced Threat Detection (a combination of Vulnerability Management and Managed SIEM), and CISO as a Service. These new services form the foundation of many industry-standard defense-in-depth programs, and therefore will provide the greatest value for both existing and new clients.

With these new services, we also wanted to provide the greatest level of flexibility to as many clients as possible and ensure a fit to their exact needs. Atmosera has always taken pride in meeting clients at any point in their IT strategy. With that in mind, each of these new services is stand-alone – meaning they do not require any of our other managed services. These services are also designed with a go-anywhere model in mind, so clients can benefit from them regardless of where the systems/services are located – whether in the cloud, an Atmosera data center, on-premises, or anywhere else. Lastly, we created a scalable pricing model to make our services accessible to even the smallest business clients for whom cost and complexity often present barriers, but their security needs are as high as any other organization.

Atmosera is a managed services company. People are at our core.  We realize that technology is important; however, it’s people that make a business successful. We want you to look at Atmosera as an extension of your organization, allowing you to focus on your core business to achieve your objectives. Each of Atmosera’s InfoSec services includes consultation from one of our certified security experts and is supported by our 24x7x365 Network Operations Center. Our CISO as a service was designed as a consultation service, providing access to a CISO for companies where it may not make sense to hire a full-time CISO.

And we are just getting started! In our upcoming roadmap, we are evaluating how to further this partnership and increase Atmosera’s value-adds to our clients. As part of this evaluation, we are looking at new technologies and services including Web Application Scanning (DAST), Endpoint Protection (as a stand-alone service), Endpoint Detect and Respond (EDR) enhancement for our endpoint protection, as well as further enhancements for our existing services.

To learn more about these new services or for a FREE consultation with one of our security experts, visit our security and compliance page.

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