Disaster Recovery Assessment


Peace of Mind in the Event Disasters Strike

Disasters come in many forms and our reliance on technology to conduct business means we are vulnerable when any event negatively impacts systems and applications. From cyber attacks and employee mistakes to power outages and earthquakes, there are many forms to events which will result in a potential disaster situation.

  • Plan for Disasters: Together we identify all data and backup needs along with acceptable levels of reliability.
  • Stay Operational from Anywhere: We deploy the necessary environment anywhere across the globe.
  • Use Proven Playbook: Together we maintain comprehensive documentation and set of procedures taken before, during and after a disaster.

The Power of Azure Site Recovery (ASR) as a Foundation to DRaaS

ASR is natively integrated into Azure, enabling the management a DR solution but it is not always right for every use case. We provide the real world experience and best practices to provide the necessary functionality. ASR can be used to automate the recovery of services when a site outage happens at the primary data center. It helps bring over applications in an orchestrated way to restore service quickly, even for complex multi-tier workloads. The combination of ASR and Atmosera’s trained 24x7x365 experts delivers a DRaaS with the peace of mind customers demand.


No Obligation Recovery Assessment

Simple Process:

We offer customers the opportunity to identify how to conduct business even when disasters strike and how best to take advantage of Azure as a DR target by leveraging ASR.

  • Identify all applications and systems required for operations
  • Detail all data and backup needs
  • Determine the acceptable level of reliability and performance required
  • Factor changing business needs and projected growth

Free Executive Report:

  • Details all areas of risk
  • Provides means to reduce areas of risk
  • Preliminary budget and time line options for DRaaS
  • Best practices on how to use Azure Site Recovery (ASR)