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Azure Application Migration Assessment

Azure Application Migration Assistant Tool Assessment: Improve your website, reliability, and reach

Atmosera’s Azure Application Migration Assessment Program is focused on transitioning website infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. Application migration is the process of moving a software application from one computing environment to another, and it is complex. Most applications are built to run in a particular operating system in specific network architectures or for a single cloud platform. Because of these specifications, moving an application to a new environment poses many challenges. Determining an application migration strategy involves considering each individual application’s dependencies and technical requirements. You must also take into account the level of security already in place, the compliance, and cost restraints. That’s why Atmosera has developed a migration assessment tool so that we can determine what challenges a specific migration can pose. We try to minimize disruptions to your operations, so your team can keep working during the application migration process.

The program includes the only free assessment of its kind to evaluate website workloads and performance data to develop an optimal cloud architecture. The assessment helps prioritize requirements to optimize performance and realize continuous operation. We also build in automated testing designed to streamline updates and ensure your site does not break.

Make Informed Decisions.

A Better Environment.

A Team You Can Rely On.

Atmosera will provide a plan that can be implemented immediately soundly, accurately, and with transparency. We remove the roadblocks before they become an issue.

Gain the flexibility, scalability, reliability, and response time to deliver a superior experience.

Leverage a team of experts who will also manage and monitor the environment 24x7x365.

Get up to $2,500 in Azure credits and a performance evaluation with site architecture based on up to 5 hours of architecture work, free of charge.