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Build Greatness, Define a Category!

Current Opportunities

Our Values


Our success is determined by the strength in our customer relationships, the quality and consistency of our service and the degree by which we put customer satisfaction first in everything we do.


Our success is determined by how well we communicate, work, support and grow together in our efforts to serve our customers.


Our success relies on embracing innovation for relevance and opportunity.

Life at Atmosera

Our focus is on our employees and our customers.

While we certainly need to employ strategic excellence around strategy and finances, our belief is great things happen when you focus on employees and customers. Our underlying philosophy is if we focus on us as employees, create an environment that’s performance based, meaningful, fun and complete with opportunity, then, if we do things right, we as employees will take exceptional, consistent care of our customers and they in turn will take care of us.

We’re beneficiaries of an opportunity to build greatness and be one of those companies that defines the category for managed hybrid Azure services.

Our ability to define and accomplish what we’ve set out to do relies on who we are as people, how we work together, how we serve our customers and the positive culture we create. Simply put, we as employees are Atmosera’s greatest resource.

Your participation, your work becomes influential on a grand scheme that’s both meaningful and respected.

At Atmosera you’ll join a team of highly talented, dedicated people who are aligned to create the leading hybrid Azure services company on the planet. At Atmosera, engagement translates into forward movement and forward movement translates into success. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with cool technology, great customers and the best peers around – all in an environment that’s professional at the core… both in how we serve our customers and in how we approach having fun!

The Atmosera Experience

Our philosophy that governs the entire employee experience – from onboarding to the first day, first week, first month and throughout the entire employee experience. We intentionally focus on building activities, providing opportunities and creating unique experiences within the following areas to support our employees:

Atmosera Development

Programs and opportunities for career and personal development within Atmosera, the industry and in general.

Atmosera Impact

Opportunities to engage in causes greater and more meaningful than just work.


Activities aimed at having fun, bringing balance and building strength as a company.


Platforms for recognizing outstanding achievements and contribution.


Vision driven benefits that provide support for all we do.

Benefits And Perks


Star Wars day, fun at work day, national ice cream day, bike race, tree planting — yes! Enjoy being part of our First Thursday thought leadership events, community involvement projects, social hours, and many more opportunities to get involved with the team.


Take advantage of the various opportunity to learn, create and develop within a fast-paced, challenging environment


Work in a collaborative, flexible environment with a fully stocked kitchen and snack closet


Health coverage with dental and vision benefits, a flexible spending account, 401K plans, PTO and free Tri-Met passes

Opportunities to Build Greatness

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