Why You Should Run SAP on Azure vs. AWS

SAP solutions such as HANA and ERP provide companies with the resources to improve customer relations and master their business operations. These solutions help you and your business smash through goals and reach greater heights than ever before. However, many businesses want to take SAP a step further by integrating it with an expert cloud solution. How do you find the right cloud platform for your SAP resources? For many businesses, the choice boils down to Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon Web Services. Learn more about both and discover why you should run SAP on Azure vs. AWS with this rundown.

Running SAP on Cloud Services

By combining SAP with your cloud platform, you create an integrated system that has all the efficiency and flexibility you need to accomplish your business goals. SAP resources power next-generation intelligence and analytics. Migrating these tools to your cloud platform unleashes their full potential and creates even better opportunities for your business. However, businesses must think carefully about which cloud platform they use for SAP. Both Azure and AWS offer great service and reliability, but choosing the right one for your specific business needs will help you make the most of your system.


AWS is an experienced and reliable partner for SAP. The extensive infrastructure of AWS offers customers freedom of choice and flexibility. AWS is also a cost-effective platform for SAP resources. For example, HANA users on AWS can rent equipment and pay by the hour, which means you only pay for the resources you actually use.

SAP on Azure

Microsoft Azure has specifically optimized their cloud platform to run SAP workloads. This creates incredible availability and flexibility for clients. Minimal downtime, improved workloads, and opportunities for easy scalability are just a few reasons why you should run SAP on Azure vs. AWS. Migrating your SAP resources to Azure opens the door to new tools such as management, AI, and analytics, all of which help you make the most of your SAP resources.

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