Why You Are the Top Cybersecurity Risk to Your Cloud

One of the most significant things stopping companies from getting into cloud computing is the potential security risks associated with storing data online. While this isn’t something companies should ignore, it’s essential to know the finer details about how these breaches happen.

While not all firewalls are perfect and some hackers manage to slip through, not all threats come from the cloud provider’s side of things. In fact, many breaches occur on the user’s side. Understanding why you are the top cybersecurity risk to your cloud makes it much easier to address them.

Some Hackers Try for the Back Door

When a burglar tries to break into someone’s home, they usually don’t give up when the front door doesn’t budge. Instead, they typically just try to get in through the back, and the same applies to hackers.

In cybersecurity, cloud providers put most defensive efforts into blocking off easy access to their servers. However, they must ensure their actual clients can get in without any issue. While complex passwords and two-step authentications are excellent deterrents for hackers, they’re still easier to get through than an upgraded firewall.

That’s why hackers run phishing schemes, key loggers, and other techniques to sneak in through the company’s port to either steal info or plant malware. The best way to avoid these attacks is to keep your staff well trained on what to look out for. You should also have your own security systems in place to stop threats before they can grab a foothold.

You Can Face Internal Threats

If an internet thief is desperate enough, you could also face internal staffing threats. Whether they try to find employment with you directly or attempt to extort a current employee, you could be dealing with a much more significant threat than you even realize.

Obviously, you always want to do thorough background checks and hire trustworthy employees, but that’s easier said than done. The best way to protect yourself from this kind of threat is to limit access to your cloud data in general. Don’t be afraid to take away administrative entry if someone is acting suspiciously—you’d do the same if you were storing that data locally.

Human Error Is a Possibility

The unfortunate truth is that you can never eliminate the possibility of human error. Nobody is perfect, and mistakes will occur no matter how careful your employees are. Whether someone accidentally disables your security system or some crucial files become lost, these issues rest on you and your company.

You can create better training programs and back up your most essential data on personal servers. Still, it’s important to understand that many of the top cybersecurity risks to your cloud start internally. Stopping yourself and your team from ever making mistakes is outright impossible. You can decrease the risk by using Azure compliance monitoring services. At Atmosera, we give you the tools you need to help protect your online data to the best feasible degree.

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