Why the Public Cloud Is More Secure Than Your Data Center

One of the main reasons some companies haven’t made the switch to cloud services is that they believe their data is safer in-house. What if we told you that simply wasn’t true? If you don’t believe us, then maybe this explanation of why the public cloud is more secure than your data center will be able to convince you.

Stronger Online Security

By far, the biggest advantage to cloud services like Azure is that they have some of the strongest online security in the business. Your business might have a small IT team who works on patching holes in your server’s protection, but they likely have other responsibilities as well. Big-time cloud providers have entire teams dedicated to securing their network. Plus, even if they miss something, they have AI systems that use machine learning to fill in the gaps, creating a nearly impenetrable firewall.

Simplified Encryption

Even if a hacker manages to get through, cloud vendors typically have much stronger encryption for your data that’s easy to use. Many companies don’t even bother encrypting data on their own servers because it’s a complex process to figure out on your own. On the other hand, cloud providers are pros who use military-grade encryption and make it more straightforward for their end-users.

Network Segmentation

As a final layer of online defense, most cloud networks allow their users to segment their data into separate workstations. That means if a hacker breaks in through a marketing department email, they’ll only be able to access the data that your marketing team can access. While that’s still not a great outcome, it’s better than a hacker finding all your vital information in one, easy-to-access location.

Physical Safety Measures

Let’s not forget about the threat of a physical attack on your data. Some people forget that physical hacking is a possibility. If a skilled thief breaks into your building, it won’t be too hard for them to access your server room, even if you have some level of security.

Cloud providers have massive server buildings with much tighter security because they house hundreds to thousands of companies’ data. Cloud providers take the threat of a physical attack much more seriously, so they use state-of-the-art security systems.

Spread-out Data Centers

Even if some master thief manages to break into your cloud vendor’s server building, they will be hard-pressed to find your data in particular. This added level of security is the final reason why the public cloud is more secure than your data center. Your towers won’t be specifically labeled, and even if the thief tracks your tower down, they won’t be able to steal all your information because cloud vendors don’t store all your data in one place. Some servers might be on the other side of the building, while others could be across the country. These companies have huge networks of servers, and they don’t store all of your data in just one location. They spread out the data to help make it more secure.

If these warnings have convinced you to give cloud services a chance, you should check out Atmosera’s Azure solutions. Our public servers have the best security you could ask for.

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