What Windows Virtual Desktop Does for the Financial Industry

Businesses and other organizations within the financial industry benefit greatly from a cloud infrastructure. The enhanced security and efficiency allow these groups to conduct crucial business with ease and confidence. However, financial organizations can take their IT infrastructure a step further by adopting Windows Virtual Desktop services. Empower your remote workforce, implement reliable security, and help your organization perform at its best. Learn more about what Windows Virtual Desktop does for the financial industry in this overview.

Better Security for Your Most Sensitive Data

Financial institutions gather, store, and manage massive amounts of sensitive information. Clients trust you with contact information, personal data, bank account information, and much more. If you don’t have reliable data security, you can’t serve your customers. Windows Virtual Desktop makes it easy to safely host applications on any device. Moreover, WVD offers reliable solutions for access management and data storage. You and your teams can access applications and information anywhere without worrying about creating vulnerabilities in your network.

Meet Your Compliance Standards

In addition to comprehensive security solutions, your business must also meet several compliance standards and regulations. You need to know that your system is up to the critical standards of HIPAA, SOC 1 and 2, PCI DSS, and more. Microsoft Azure has the resources and expertise to help you meet these and any other standards your business faces. WVD is just one of many tools to help your business follow industry best practices.

Expand Your Network With a Remote Workforce

As your business grows, your workforce should, too. If you reach clients across the world, your teams should be able to meet them. WVD makes it easy to manage remote workers and set every employee up for success. With a standardized desktop and applications hosted in Azure, onboarding new team members is easy no matter where they are. Simplified remote work policies allow your team to expand and bring your company to new heights across the world.

This is only the beginning of what Windows Virtual Desktop does for the financial industry and beyond. Explore the ways that WVD can help your business grow by working with Atmosera today.

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