Types of Managed Services That Azure Supports

When it comes to the different technological services in your business, having the proper management in place is the key to running these tools efficiently. Whether you’re using them to grow your basic infrastructure or control your data, each software holds a fundamental piece to the overall operation of your company. Fortunately, overseeing these services is now easier than ever before. These are some of the types of managed services that Azure supports and the benefit of keeping these resources all in one place.

Digital Services

To begin, digital services deal with the electronic transfer of information across several different platforms or technological devices. This includes things such as websites or streaming services. Both tools are incredibly useful in getting information to your consumer and showcasing your abilities to the market. These services are fully automated and, when run through Azure, very reliable.

Cloud Services

Azure can also control your company’s cloud services. These programs create a server space of a fixed size that you can use to upload and store important data. In addition to being useful for larger company projects, your individual team members can use the cloud to manage tasks more specific to their roles. With this tool, everyone in your company can access the information they need from anywhere if they have the correct server access.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure services are a helpful system to have Azure manage as well. This includes everything from your networking and communications software to your data processing centers. Azure’s infrastructure services take place off site. So, you can obtain twice the running speed and computing power for your company, with none of the maintenance and repair responsibilities.

Application Services

Another important type of managed service that Azure supports is a wide array of application programing. Application services are a collection of programs that provide tools for load balancing performance monitoring, and autoscaling among many other things. Azure stores and supports the data for each respective app and keeps you informed about their performance over time. You always have access to this data, and Azure even has a bank of unique applications it can provide for business use.

From application support to infrastructure development, we at Atmosera use our Azure managed clouds services to ensure your business has everything it needs to succeed. We’ll provide the manpower you need to keep watch over these programs and keep them running as smoothly as possible for you. To learn more about our services and experience using Azure, feel free to give us a call.

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