3 Ways To Reduce Your Cloud Management Headaches

The cloud is here, and organizations everywhere use it for their computing and data storage needs. A multi-cloud strategy is prevalent and offers numerous benefits, but managing these multiple clouds and their complexities can be a lot. Here are three ways to reduce your cloud management headaches.

Match Workloads to Appropriate Vendors

The biggest hurdle with a multi-cloud approach is configuring the data you want to store within the different clouds. Some clouds are better oriented toward dealing with certain types of networks and data, while others may not be able to deal with those amounts. If you can appropriately evaluate what each cloud vendor can deal with, you can send them the appropriate data so you can still access your data quickly and engage with it.

Be Transparent

Many different IT departments for various organizations struggle with cloud management because they are unaware of how extensive their use is. A lot goes into choosing suitable cloud systems and maintaining them, and a lot is out of sight for IT departments. To optimize cloud management, you need to see cost histories, CPU utilization patterns, and audit trails, as this is the best way to find the correct cloud services and find where you are overspending.

A Managed System Approach

Multi-cloud strategies are incredible, but a lot is going on at once, which your IT department may struggle with. In addition, each cloud they are working with has its share of nuances that can be hard to understand; the way to navigate this is through managed systems. These managed solutions still offer the data storage and management that comes with the cloud, and customers can still be flexible and choose their preferences.

A great cloud management service you should look into is Azure management from Atmosera. Azure management services take the pressure off you so you can focus more on your core business strategy. Atmosera has a team of experts that can manage cloud environments for you and scale everything to meet your specific requirements.

These were three ways to reduce your cloud management headaches, and while none of them will fully bear the burden of cloud services, they will still certainly help. Integrating cloud systems into your organization may be tricky at first, but everything should work seamlessly once the infrastructure and procedures are in place.

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