Things To Watch for When Choosing an MDR Security Service

Security in business is no longer about locking the doors; it’s about protecting your data that’s accessible in the cloud. In this article, we’ll discuss the things to watch for when choosing an MDR service, so as you search for ways to keep your company’s information secure and protected, you’ll know what to look for.

What Is MDR?

MDR (managed detection and response) creates a layer of protection beyond what traditional service providers offer. MSSP (managed security service providers) are often stretched to the limit and unable to catch complex cyber threats before the damage occurs. MDR security services provide continual monitoring, stopping threats to your company’s system before they get in the door.

The Specifics of MDR

You may already have a system in place to keep data secure. Let’s look more specifically at what an excellent MDR security service offers, bringing security to the next level:

  • Advanced security needs: Some environments, such as the medical filed, require significant security and compliance, including HIPAA and PCI frameworks. The right MDR supports those requirements.
  • Flexibility: Choose an MDR security service suitable for all IT environments.
  • Advanced technology: Experts in security and able to implement and monitor the environment for optimal security.
  • Artificial intelligence: By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, security is strengthened.
  • Experts available: You need an MDR service that’s available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Threats don’t rest, and neither should MDR.

How To Know If MDR Is Right for Your Business

If your need involves the highest level of cybersecurity and you prefer an all-in-one service rather than multiple vendors, then MDR security services are a good fit. Remember the things to watch for when choosing an MDR security service so you find the best.

Don’t put off the security and compliance needs of your industry. Protect your data, and in turn you’ll protect clients, patients, employees, and the entire company.

At Atmosera, we offer the best in MDR security services. For the highest level of cybersecurity, and most of all, peace of mind, contact Atmosera and let’s discuss how we can get your company the security and compliance it requires.

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