The 3 Biggest Cyber Security Trends in 2022

Companies have always faced a variety of threats. For example, some criminals break into a building, steal money, acquire company secrets, or destroy equipment. More outside factors, such as economic threats or even natural disasters, threaten a physical business. However, in today’s digital world, there are cyber security threats, and the way companies combat these threats continues to evolve. Read here to learn more about the three biggest cyber security trends in 2022.

The Rise in Ransomware

Ransomware attacks have existed for many years, and it seems as if they’re only continuing to grow as one of the most common forms of cyber-attacks. In these attacks, hackers gain access to your network and files by taking advantage of your vulnerabilities, and then they’ll hold your network hostage. Some groups target large corporations since they can receive a bigger payout, but others will target smaller businesses since they are easier to exploit and there is much less risk. Expect these attacks to only grow, but know that the monitoring and protection against these threats will rise in response.

IoT Vulnerabilities

The internet of things (IoT) is still in its infancy, but that doesn’t mean hackers aren’t able to infiltrate your widely connected systems. Since so many devices are circulating and connected to the same access points, cyber threats have a lot of opportunities. Fitness watches, Bluetooth car applications, baby monitors, home security systems, and smart fridges are all vulnerable in one way or another. As more and more devices become connected, their creators need to advance their security capabilities. Otherwise, hackers can access anyone’s information through something as simple as a smart toaster.

Multi-Factor Authentication

In recent years, multi-factor authentication has emerged as one of the greatest forms of protection against cyber threats. Previously, hackers could infiltrate systems through vulnerabilities with people’s passwords. Once obtained, they could explore your entire digital archive. By requiring multiple types of identity evidence to authenticate yourself, people and businesses alike can better secure their information. However, many authentication methods, such as SMS and voice authentication, are prone to failure since they are not encrypted. As a result, more and more cybersecurity experts are recommending hardware security keys to pick up the slack where multi-factor authentication can fail.

The three biggest cyber security trends in 2022 reveal that while cyber threats and cyber security have existed for a while, technology will only continue to change. The way criminals try to infiltrate your company’s information will only become more thorough, and your defenses must respond accordingly. Thankfully, here at Atmosera, we offer Azure compliance monitoring services that keep your data secure, allowing you to rest easy knowing we’re protecting your business and customers.

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