Roles and Responsibilities for Cloud Cost Optimization

When you implement a cloud network for your business, you also want to establish practices and procedures for cost management. Cloud cost optimization is a journey, but it’s the difference between a system that drains your resources and one that makes the most of every dollar. A multi-tiered governance framework helps you establish your cloud budget, design standards and best practices to follow that budget, and employ cloud solutions that support your financial goals. Learn more about the different parts of this framework and the duties each team should have with this guide to the roles and responsibilities for cloud cost optimization.

Cloud Strategy Team

The first team you must implement for your cost management structure is the cloud strategy team. This team works at the leadership level to define your motivations, goals, and priorities for the cloud. The cloud strategy team weaves your business values into your cloud adoption efforts. This team is responsible for establishing cloud budgets that reflect the needs and desires of your company. The cloud strategy team will also review spending and return on investment information across your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Governance Team

Many of the crucial roles and responsibilities for cloud cost optimization fall to your cloud governance team. This group of employees works to navigate cloud investment risks and manage costs throughout your infrastructure. Your cloud governance team is responsible for developing and implementing best practices for cost management. These best practices cover standard cloud procedures, such as tagging cloud resources and planning smart license acquisitions. The cloud governance team is also in charge of routine patching and maintenance, bulk shutdowns of unused resources, and other procedures that cut cloud costs. The work of the cloud governance team ensures that your cloud practices can continue to match the budget that the strategy team creates.

Cloud Workload Team

Your cloud workload team, sometimes known as the cloud adoption team, works within the cloud infrastructure itself to develop and implement budget-friendly solutions. A successful cloud workload team understands the company’s budget and optimization goals and makes implementation decisions that reflect those priorities. The strategy team designs goals for the cloud, the governance team designs practices to make those goals possible, and the cloud workload team delivers technical solutions and optimized workloads that meet these goals. These solutions can include managing cloud automation or revising architecture to better fit your current needs.

Creating an effective and reliable cost management structure can prove daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. Atmosera offers a free expense analysis to help you start your Azure optimization journey. Discover the strategies and opportunities available for your business by working with Atmosera today.

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