Infrastructure Services: What Is IaaS Through Azure

As technology continues to evolve, the potential applications for your business do too. From collecting more market data to speeding up your company’s core procedures, there are a lot of ways that new software can take your efforts one step further. This is why you should prioritize your business’s base infrastructure above all else when you set about upgrading your current systems. With the right tools at your disposal, you can continue to evolve and adapt to any changes that come your way. Let Azure be one of those foundational materials for you.

Though Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform provides a wide array of resources and management services for your business, certain parts of this system cater to your base infrastructure itself. This is what IaaS through Azure is and its importance in establishing a strong company groundwork to build upon.

Explaining IaaS Through Azure

To begin, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a subcategory of Azure’s computing program. This collection of systems supplies your business with essential computing power, storage, and networking resources without the need for physical hardware on-site. With the aid of a providing company, these resources allow you to track additional data such as costs, performance, and network traffic from the comfort of your own office. You can even troubleshoot any application issues in no time at all. It’s these features that make IaaS one of the most important aspects of growing your business and sustaining it during some of your toughest challenges.

Common IaaS Applications

But in order to utilize IaaS to its fullest potential, you must also have an understanding of some of its most common business applications. While these systems offer aid in a wide array of ways, there are a few typical methods that businesses prefer to utilize above others. These are some of the top uses for Azure’s IaaS system.

Lift-and-Shift Migration

Moving the bulk of your workload to the cloud comes with a series of benefits, including reduced costs on paper and more secure record-keeping. But the process of making this transition is inefficient and isolates certain business resources. Utilizing IaaS allows your business to migrate applications, paperwork, and projects to the cloud without needing to redo your current infrastructure settings.

Storage, Backup, and Recovery

IaaS also makes it easier to store, backup, and recover your older company records. When a business grows large enough, it becomes much harder to keep track of past projects, contracts, and sales numbers. Filing cabinets quickly fill up, and suddenly, you are unable to find what you’re looking for. IaaS keeps every file safely organized and tucked away in the cloud. From here, you can access documents with a simple search and save ample time rummaging through stacks of files.

High-Performance Computing

The most important application for IaaS, however, is in providing superior speed and calculation power for your business. This allows you to run your computers more efficiently and perform demanding data processing and problem-solving algorithms. With more of these capabilities, you can run complex simulations and gather months of market data without lifting a finger.

The Advantages of Using IaaS

If there’s anything else to know about what IaaS through Azure is, it’s the advantages that come from using it. These are some of the core benefits businesses gain from making this system a part of their foundational infrastructure.

Reduces the Need for Data Center Maintenance

First, since Azure’s network runs all apps and storage through the cloud, you don’t need a physical data center to utilize them. This means that you not only get to activate these programs from anywhere but also that there’s no equipment for you to maintain. Because data centers can be very expensive to keep active, this already saves your business thousands of dollars every year in repair costs alone. You also won’t need to pay for the manpower to monitor these data centers, as the bulk of your data sits in a non-physical location.

Increases the Rate of Disaster Recovery

It’s also important to mention that fewer on-site errors mean a faster rate of recovery should an outage occur. IaaS allows you to access applications and data even during local network outages. It does this by keeping backups of your files and maintaining your connection to the cloud despite unideal conditions. This high amount of availability improves your business’s overall continuity and ensures that you’re always in the position to complete projects and meet deadlines for your clients.

Shifts Focus Elsewhere

But above all else, taking your focus off regular system maintenance and hardware repairs allows you to put that energy into other areas of your company. Technological advancement is only one part of growing your business into the industry giant it’s destined to be. As such, it’s important that you implement tools that allow you to home in on the areas that need your attention the most. Because IaaS provides automated and reliable standards, there’s very little that you need to keep up with or manage on your end. This leaves your schedule open to solve problems in other departments or hire new members for your team.

The more you can rely on your Azure system, the more resources you’ll have to take your business into the future. As such, making this infrastructure change now is one of the best things you can do to move forward with your company’s efforts.

If you’re looking to make the switch to Azure’s IaaS program, don’t navigate this transition alone. At Atmosera, we work hard to ensure that every business gets exactly what it needs from its infrastructure setup. Our Azure infrastructure solutions can help you navigate the Azure IaaS platform and build the IT foundation you require from the ground up. We can even manage your cloud services for you, ensuring you get all the benefits with none of the upkeep headaches that come with them. Contact us today to learn more about how these systems and our team of experienced professionals can help your business thrive. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about these systems.

Infrastructure Services: What Is IaaS Through Azure

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