How To Migrate Your Government VMWare To Azure

Governments utilize VMWare to establish a modern, secure, and efficient IT solution within their organization. The boost in agency performance and improved resource allocation allow governments to achieve their goals faster with more reliability and success. Enhanced citizen services and stronger cybersecurity are just two of the benefits that VMWare can offer government entities. These benefits increase when organizations migrate their VMWare to Microsoft Azure. A seamless migration allows your agency to start off on the right foot and take advantage of all that Azure has to offer. Learn how to migrate your government VMWare to Azure as successfully as possible with this guide.

Establish Goals for Migration and Beyond

Azure offers a plethora of services, applications, and solutions for organizations. To make the most of the cloud network, agencies must first decide their exact needs and goals. A seamless transfer that preserves your current VMWare performance and capabilities is likely at the top of your list, but what else do you need from this move? Are you looking to extend your VMWare workloads? Will you take advantage of Azure automation services? Create a list of goals and prioritize them so that you know the most important steps to take before, during, and after the migration process.

Prepare Your Network

Once your agency knows what it wants and needs from Azure, you’ll need to prepare both your current solutions and your Azure network for the migration. Complete steps like verifying VMWare server requirements and optimizing Azure network settings and connectivity. You’ll also need to review your agency’s current network for any performance issues, capacity needs, or other IT problems. Fixing these issues ahead of time—or creating a solution for them in your future cloud network—will help you perform a seamless migration for your agency.

Don’t Go It Alone

A botched Azure migration can lead to network downtime, frustrated employees, and a shaky IT solution that takes time, energy, and money to fix. To continue providing services in a secure and efficient manner, your agency needs an easy and successful transition. That’s why a crucial part of migrating your government VMWare to Azure is finding the right support for your move. Atmosera’s Azure VMware solutions make your Azure migration smooth and easy. With expert advice and world-class resources, Atmosera can help you establish and optimize Azure to fit your agency perfectly.

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