How To Ensure Your IT Infrastructure Is DSS Compliant

Compliance to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) is essential for any organization that processes, stores, and manages cardholder data. From major retail outlets to local charities looking for donations, PCI-DSS is a mandatory standard. If you plan on taking card payment in any aspect of your business, you must keep PCI-DSS compliance in mind when establishing your data networks and IT infrastructure. The decisions and efforts you make when building your cloud system will help keep your business safe and reputable in the years to come. Learn how to ensure your IT infrastructure is DSS compliant with these crucial tips.

Use Firewalls and Encryptions for Cardholder Data

The more security measures you have in place for cardholder data, the better off you and your clients will be. Start by installing a firewall configuration. Make sure your defenses stay secure and up to date as software and cyberthreats evolve. Use private subnets to store cardholder data so that it’s not directly accessible from the internet. You can further restrict access to this information with two-factor authentication and need-to-know policies that limit who can view and manage data. Finally, take care when moving cardholder data across public networks. Encrypt sensitive information during transmission to ensure it stays secure.

Work With the Right Cloud Provider

A huge part of how to ensure your IT infrastructure is DSS compliant is turning to the right people for help. By working with an experienced and qualified cloud services provider, you can establish a safe IT infrastructure that goes above and beyond necessary compliance standards. Know what to look for in a CSP. At Atmosera, we guarantee Microsoft Azure security and compliance to PCI-DSS and other vital standards. In addition to meeting these standards, you want a CSP that can answer your questions and offer support when building your IT infrastructure. Take the time to get to know your CSP and how they can help you establish safety and compliance within your cloud system. By partnering with the right people, you bring security and peace of mind to your business and every client you work with.

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