How Azure Reduces Infrastructure and Maintenance Costs

More businesses are moving to the cloud, which is a significant improvement compared to traditional physical infrastructures. Cloud services such as Microsoft Azure are rising to meet these emerging business demands. They can build, run, and manage your business’s applications across multiple clouds with the different tools and frameworks that fit your needs. While doing all of this, Azure is also reducing infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Improved Performance and Functionality

One of the incredible benefits of Microsoft Azure is that it runs optimally with 24/7, 365 days a year live support, including remediation workflows and real-time monitoring. These cloud solutions direct resources away from infrastructure and maintenance toward more present problems that need more immediate attention. You’ll likely still have an IT team that maintains some on-site technical issues, but the higher infrastructure costs and the costs associated with maintaining that infrastructure will go elsewhere. Microsoft Azure allows your IT professionals to devote more time to performance improvements throughout the company.

Yes, you will still need to pay for the Azure services, but ultimately you will save time and money. Outsourcing technical issues into the hands of professionals monitoring your services at all hours of the day significantly improves your entire company’s functionality. Everyone can work on what is most necessary at that time instead of considering what the infrastructure will allow.

An added benefit of Azure is that you can leverage the Azure experts for more efficient use of your valuable internal resources. These Microsoft-certified experts have proven experience implementing and managing the Azure environment. This means that instead of directing time and money into managing your IT team and training them to work with different cloud systems, Azure experts take the burden. You also won’t need to train your other employees to work with the cloud systems, as the experts will make everything easy to understand. Your employees can then better direct their time and energy into more prescient matters instead of figuring out how to navigate the existing infrastructure that is in place.

Increased Efficiency

Another way in which Microsoft Azure lowers costs is that it is much more efficient than other IT infrastructure you could do with your own team on-site. There are lots of inefficiencies in maintaining your own system, and Azure provides you with an incredible number of certified cloud experts and resources. This way, you won’t need to give your technical systems a second thought, as you can rest assured that they are in the hands of professionals.

Increased efficiency also comes as a result of the many different tools that Azure offers. There is a team of Azure experts who can manage the system and take care of any issues, but there is also a collection of services for you and your business to use. Many of these tools may seem minor, but the minor upgrades here and there can breathe new life into a company. This “pay for what you use” model is incredibly efficient as you only need to pay for what you use.

Your IT experts can also better devote their time to working with Azure and dealing with other IT issues that may be present in your business. While their roles may change, they will still have a job ensuring that every other technical part of the business runs smoothly. A lot of the day-to-day operations will still require their oversight; now they can do it freely without needing to find time to maintain cloud systems.

Easy Scalability

Another dimension in which Azure lowers your infrastructure and maintenance costs is scalability. Businesses are not static; they are ever shrinking and growing. Technological systems must also match these changes to accommodate your business, ensuring you are operating at your highest ability and not wasting any money on an unused system.

Managing this growth by yourself can be an issue as there are many things you must consider, such as costs, resources, staffing, etc. Thankfully, Azure systems can take care of this issue for you. They have a team of experts who can quickly scale your systems to accommodate your specific business needs at that moment. In addition, working through the cloud means there will be little to no delay in scaling, as opposed to a physical infrastructure where you must upgrade your servers and everything that comes with that.

Save Money With Security

One of the greatest ways Microsoft Azure reduces overall costs is through its security. Without Azure, your team of IT professionals can safeguard your system and data with firewalls, spam filters, passwords, and the like, but this can only go so far. Smaller businesses are often not equipped with the infrastructure to manage highly competent outside cyberthreats. In addition, there are vulnerabilities they can exploit that your team may not even be aware of.

Microsoft Azure has a team of professionals constantly managing systems and delivering innovative solutions to these infrastructure vulnerabilities. In addition, Microsoft Azure is a secure cloud environment that has dealt with all kinds of security issues in the past. They are incredibly familiar with mitigating risk and protecting your data while keeping outages at bay. These security teams can monitor security systems continuously around the clock and secure technical implementations from start to finish.

Makes Cloud Migration Simple

Many won’t even consider migrating to the cloud in the first place because it seems counterintuitive to their goals of reducing costs. Cloud migration is a significant investment, as you are moving over all your applications, data, and infrastructure. It is a move that seems severe since it is cost-intensive, but as all the above points illustrate, a cloud infrastructure maximizes cost savings in various ways. It may be a steep initial investment, but once everything falls into place, it quickly makes up for itself.

Simply put, migrating to the cloud is incredibly beneficial, as Microsoft Azure’s “pay for what you use” model establishes cost predictability when using the platform. This visibility means there will be no unsightly cost surprises or upgrade requirements, and when upgrades or expansions are necessary, their costs will not come as a surprise.

Azure reduces infrastructure and maintenance costs through all these different ways, guaranteeing that it is the correct choice for your business. Microsoft Azure is a wonderful cloud platform, but to truly use it, you need to work with an Azure expert managed services provider (MSP), such as Atmosera. We can provide you with all the Azure solutions you need to focus on the other areas of your business. In addition, we will manage the Azure environment and meet all your specific needs, ensuring you are saving money and making the best use of what the cloud has to offer.

How Azure Reduces Infrastructure and Maintenance Costs

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