How Azure Key Vault Protects Your Secrets

The storage of your secrets is an aspect of bringing your business’s services and data online that people do not discuss very frequently. Secrets can range from sensitive data to certificates, passwords, and API keys. These secrets are critical and should not end up in the wrong hands. Read on to learn precisely how Azure Key Vault protects your secrets.

Centralization of Application Secrets

One of the most significant reasons Azure Key Vault does an excellent job of protecting your secrets is that it centralizes everything. Without Key Vault, many of these secrets would be spread across various applications, making safeguarding them incredibly difficult. However, with Key Vault, app developers no longer need to store security information in the application. Instead, you can program the applications to securely access information by connecting to the Key Vault.

The Monitoring of Access and Use

Another way Azure Key Vault does an incredibly effective job of protecting your secrets is by making monitoring easy. With Key Vaults, you and the other IT professionals in your organization can adequately monitor who is accessing secrets and how they are using them. You can configure the Key Vault to send logs to Azure Monitor logs, have the logs archived to a storage account, or even streamed to an event hub. By monitoring activity, you can take better control over your secrets and ensure they don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Simplified Administration

Azure Key Vault also makes administration incredibly simple. Without Key Vault, you must ensure your information is relatively secure but still readily available for those who need access to your secrets. Azure Key Vault makes the process simple in multiple ways, such as automating specific tasks, replicating Key Vault contents to secondary regions, and segregating secrets. For example, you can store secrets in particular vaults and restrict access to only those who need them, making it much more difficult for secrets to leak and end up in the wrong hands.

Azure Key Vault does a wonderful job of protecting your secrets, but the actual management of the Key Vault is still tricky. These services bring a lot to a business, but they can be hard to operate without technological expertise. Thankfully, at Atmosera, we can provide you with the Azure management services needed to protect your secrets and keep things running smoothly.

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