Debug Crashes Immediately in Vista

As much as anyone, I really appreciate the effort that Microsoft put help end users to find resolutions to their crashes. However, after debugging a crashing application today, I got a little tired of looking at the spinning bar and itching for the Debug button of old.

Fortunately, it’s easy to toggle off the automatic checking. Start Problem Reports and Solutions program (WERCON.EXE), and click the Change Settings link. In the Choose how to check for solutions to computer problems, select the Ask me to check of a problem occurs and click OK.

Now when you crash, you can click on Debug immediately.

Research Analyst Tom Smith interview with Atmosera VP of Engineering, Scott Harvey and CMO, John Trembley.

Atmosera and iTrellis accelerate business agility by delivering application development and full-stack integration for companies moving business-critical workloads.

Thanks to John Trembley, CMO and Scott Harvey, V.P. Engineering and Operations at Atmosera, for sharing information about their strategic partnership with iTrellis to orchestrate the transition of business IT applications to preferred cloud environments, including Microsoft Azure.

Atmosera and iTrellis aligned to integrate computing environments and construct workflows that accelerate digital business transformation and agility for legacy IT environments. The combined services also tackle the need for many companies to re-platform or re-factor their applications to take full advantage of advanced cloud features.

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