2 Reasons the Government Should Use Azure Services

Cloud services allow many industries to modernize their businesses and processes. However, companies aren’t the only entities that can benefit from Microsoft’s flexible, cost-effective services. Azure for government is an invaluable tool for agencies across the nation. From serving citizens to empowering employees, Microsoft has cloud services that can fulfill the unique needs of government organizations. Learn more about these and other reasons the government should use Azure services.

Streamlined Citizen Services

Local governments often serve thousands, if not millions, of people. In this digital age, it makes sense for governments to take advantage of online citizen services. Secure and accessible cloud technologies allow citizens to access government services—such as applying for permits or certificates—with as little hassle as possible. This, in turn, increases your agency’s productivity and allows your office staff to focus on more complex services. When citizens can access what they need from their laptops or even their smartphones, you can streamline services and increase citizen engagement across your district.

Reliable Security and Compliance

Security is a priority for any government agency, which makes it one of the most critical reasons the government should use Azure services. Your organization has a duty to meet and uphold certain security, governance, and risk management standards. Azure for government offers crucial compliance services, including:

  • Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (Moderate and High)
  • DoD Impact (Level 4 and 5)
  • Criminal Justice Information Services for law enforcement data
  • IRS 1075

These and other compliance services make it easier for both you and your citizens to trust the cloud services you utilize. In addition to providing a reliable base for your organization, you can also take advantage of Azure management services, such as Atmosera’s free security assessment. This and other Microsoft Azure security services help you use Azure to the best of its ability, creating a safe and reliable environment for your organization.

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